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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Support

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AI & ML are in high demand. Why?

The artificial intelligence (AI) market is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030, up to nearly two trillion U.S. dollars.

Everything from logistics, supply chains, marketing, product making, research, analysis, etc., will adopt artificial intelligence within their business structures.

Here is why!

AI improves every aspect of your business, including online customer experience, client engagement, brand loyalty, preventive measures, and revenue streams. AI also empowers your service agents to excel in their day-to-day tasks, increasing efficiency and quality.

For instance:

  • AI reduces human error at work
  • Makes service available 24×7
  • Automates mundane tasks
  • Facilitates instant decision making
  • Assists in predictive analysis
  • Makes client servicing super-easy
AI & ML are in high demand

The technological breakthrough

AI has taken almost every industry by storm — no exceptions with customer service. Customer service is also being benefitted due to the brilliance of artificial intelligence. Watch this 3-minute video that explains the usage of AI and ML in customer support!

Should you wish to get into more detail and explore how AI works, feel free to check out this interesting blog article!

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Some real-world applications of AI

  • Spam Filters in Email: The AI is used for spam filtering to get the essential and relevant emails in your inbox. As per the studies, Gmail successfully filters 99.9% of spam mail.

  • Google Search Engine: When we start writing something on the Google search engine, we immediately get relevant recommendations or suggestions from Google, and this is because of AI technology.

  • Social Networking: Different social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., use AI for different purposes, like face recognition or friend suggestions when you upload a photograph on Facebook, understanding the contextual meaning of an emoji in Instagram, and so on.

  • Product Recommendations: When we search for a product on Amazon, we get recommendations for similar products, and this is because of different ML algorithms. Similarly, on Netflix, we get personalized recommendations for movies and web series.

Similarly, AI also plays a significant role in customer service. The power of artificial intelligence is such that companies are now forced to implement this futuristic technology to drive sustainable and exponential growth; simply because, at every stage of the customer journey, AI helps deliver delightful customer experiences.

real applications of AI

The AI-powered customer care solution!

ThinkOwl is a powerful AI-enabled helpdesk platform for all your customer support needs. Ideally, it is your smart teammate that empowers your customer care team.

The solution employs a potent mix of five compelling elements – artificial intelligence, low code technology, hyper-automation, business process modeling, and case management, helping support teams resolve customer issues efficiently across all communication channels and industries. Additionally, with ThinkOwl, you can automate business processes, create service workflows, offer self-service facilities, generate vital reports, and create digitized customer-centric journeys on the fly. 

To learn more about the AI features of ThinkOwl, Click Here (PDF). Or you can sign up for a 30-day free trial to experience every functionality live!

ThinkOwl Helpdesk Software

Let AI does the heavy lifting…

You probably had this experience when you called a contact center and were guided through many confounding choices where they put you on hold for a lengthy duration, and afterward, you heard these famous words - "Hi, how can I help you? “

But, have you at any point envisioned being on the opposite side? It could impact your viewpoint. Imagine you asking the same question 100 times a day to 100 different customers. Or even worse, being unable to decide the accurate responses to your customer inquiries. Support teams deal with it daily.

Similarly, there are many other aspects where support teams need genuine assistance with smart technology so they do not have to face any ordeals.

How do service centers ensure stellar customer experiences in a world of fading customer loyalty? What are the best ways to deliver a timely response to customer queries and establish seamless digital communication across communication channels?

The response is straightforward: Apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to client support.

AI and ML empower your customer care crew by relieving them from repetitive tasks, enhancing their efficiency and productivity, improving accuracy and consistency, and helping them provide personalized support.

Let AI does the heavy lifting

Application of AI & ML in customer support

The principle of artificial intelligence is to replicate the way humans perceive and react. Ideally, AI analyzes various datasets, learns from agents’ actions and their choices, and with time and training, it automatically starts performing human-like tasks. For instance, AI can:

Determine the category of each case simply by analyzing the initial customer message.

Assist agents in chat and various other channel conversations by detecting customer intents and determining the best response to fulfill their intents.

Assign the next most relevant case to the appropriate agent as an alternative to manual case sorting and selection from the inbox.

Recommend suitable smart responses or knowledge articles by analyzing the earlier answers sent to customers in similar cases.

Determine the topics of the customer message in a case to gain better insight into what customers like and dislike.

And many more…

Application of AI & ML in customer support

AI trends by industries according to sources

In this digital age, it’s difficult for a thriving business to sustain the competition without the assistance of AI simply because artificial intelligence brings precision and speed that are hardly achievable by humans.

This had reflected in various surveys where 83% of companies say AI is a strategic priority for their businesses today, and 84% say AI will enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage. (Forbes)

AI is being increasingly adopted in various industries for its potential to improve efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Here are some examples of AI in various industries:

Industries where AI is applied
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