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Always connect in context:
ThinkOwl is a live-chat support software that positively helps customers beyond their expectations.

Engage proactively with those who matter
Connect with customers in real time
Make yourself available
Create a personal connection
Reach out to visitors, without disturbing
Wherever they go — you are there

ThinkOwl is a live-chat solution that connects you to the right Web visitors at the right time.

ThinkOwl enables you to engage customers over websites, mobile apps and messaging.

ThinkOwl identifies routine questions and learns successful solutions.

ThinkOwl drives automated responses.



Pass on your value promises
to your website visitors.


Depending on the visitor’s behavior, you can
specifically connect prospective customers with
available agents.

Interactive consulting

Synchronized browsing: Exchange chats,
images, files, contents via encoded connection.

Smart Responses

ThinkOwl learns from experts’ responses and
suggests responses.* *available 2018

Delighted customers

Personal and direct: Every dialog is automatically
documented in the customer’s history and triggers
the next activities.

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Connect with your Web visitors.
Automate conversations. With AI.

Future-oriented and economical:
ThinkOwl is an intelligent live-chat solution that combines
all customer contacts on one helpdesk.

All conversations on one helpdesk.
That’s what makes your service efficient and personal.