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Is there any difference between Omnichannel and Multichannel? Or are they similar?

Omnichannel customer support takes a holistic view by attempting to create a seamless customer experience across all possible communication channels.

Multichannel customer support, on the other hand, means that customer support is provided across more than two channels.

While both multichannel support and omnichannel support involve offering customer service through multiple communication channels, omnichannel support goes further by integrating those channels into a seamless, personalized customer experience, where customers can expect a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

omnichannel vs multichannel

Rise of social media as a customer service communication channel

Social Media and Messenger Apps have become increasingly popular customer communication channels in recent years. There are several reasons for this trend:

Broad reach: Platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and LinkedIn have millions of active users, which means businesses can potentially reach a vast audience through these channels.

Instant feedback: Customers can provide instant feedback to businesses through social media, which can help businesses identify issues and resolve them swiftly.

Two-way communication: Businesses can engage in real-time conversations with customers on social media, answer their questions, and provide support.

Cost-effective: Social media is a cost-effective way to communicate with customers. Businesses can use these platforms for free or at a relatively low cost compared to other communication channels.

Customer preference: Many customers prefer to communicate with businesses through social media, which is often more convenient than other communication channels such as phone or email. That is why providing customer support on Social Media is not an option anymore – it is a necessity.

Watch this video to get a more detailed picture of social media customer service!

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Business gains – desirable results from multichannel communication

Offering customer support across multiple channels can help businesses provide better customer service, increase customer satisfaction, and build stronger customer relationships.

Customer preference: Customers have different communication preferences, and offering multiple channels for customer support allows them to choose the one that works best for them. Some customers prefer to talk on the phone, while others prefer to communicate via email or live chat. By offering multiple channels, businesses can meet the needs of a broader range of customers.

Convenience: Multichannel customer support is more convenient for customers as they can choose the most convenient channel for their needs. They can get the help they need without waiting on hold or dealing with long response times.

Increased customer satisfaction: By offering multiple channels for customer support, businesses can improve customer satisfaction by providing a more personalized and responsive customer experience. This will help increase customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Greater efficiency: Multichannel customer support can increase efficiency by allowing support agents to handle multiple inquiries at once. For example, a support agent can respond to multiple live chat sessions simultaneously, whereas they can only handle one phone call at a time.

Redefine your customer service strategy

Running a thriving support center takes work. During the process, companies meet with plenty of challenges. Some struggle to overcome it, while others get stronger with time. To establish operational efficiency, implement the right software solution that would help you deliver the following:

  • Customer service anytime, anywhere, across various channels
  • Powerful automation in business processes to boost productivity
  • Agile and robust customer service ecosystem
  • Perfect human-machine collaboration by leveraging artificial intelligence.
customer service with AI

Plethora of digital communication channels

Digital communication across multiple channels means customers can choose their preferred channel to communicate with your brand rather than being restricted to a single channel. Communication channels for customer support include:

  1. Live chat
  2. Conversation Bot
  3. Messenger apps
  4. Social media
  5. Email
  6. Web forms
  7. Phone calls
  8. Web calling
digital communication channels

How many communication channels does a support center need?

It is important to offer your customers as many contact channels as you can effectively manage. This will ensure customers are able to contact your brand most conveniently. In addition, adopting a multichannel approach would boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

multichannel statistics

Gen Z – the customers of the future

Generation Z, born around 1997, is now becoming one of the largest spending groups. They are the customers of the future that you need to appeal to. Gen Zs are the most widely based users of the most recent social media channels like WhatsApp and Instagram.

It would help if you integrated those communication channels that Gen Zs extensively use. Additionally, the best way to allure Gen Z is to engage them at multiple touchpoints, which is ideal for a winning customer experience strategy. Watch this video to know more!

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Overcome the challenges – implement advanced technology

Businesses that are engrossed with their legacy platforms might think that there could be several challenges that businesses may face when implementing multiple channels. Those are:

Integration of channels: One of the main challenges of multichannel customer service is ensuring that all channels are integrated and work seamlessly together.

Data management: Multichannel customer service generates a lot of data, which can be challenging to manage and make sense of.

Consistency of customer experience: Multichannel customer service can lead to a stale customer experience, especially if there is a lack of alignment between channels.

Staff training: Support staff needs to be trained on how to use different channels effectively and provide a consistent experience across all channels.

Cost: Implementing a multichannel customer service strategy can be expensive, especially if it requires significant investment in technology and staff training.

But you need not worry! Simply choose the right customer service solution that can help overcome all these challenges.

Communicate with customers, organize and keep track of tickets, and troubleshoot any problem with multichannel helpdesk software like ThinkOwl. It helps your service agents work smarter, find accurate resolutions faster, and resolve more cases in less time.

With the latest product updates and many new features, ThinkOwl has become even more potent. You get rich modules, AI-powered productivity tools, advanced technology, and more to elevate your service quality.

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