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    The next-gen technology that enables any organization to create and automate business workflows in just a few minutes.

    • Standardize processes on the fly
    • No need for technical or IT experts
    • Easy to create and test customer journeys
    • Reduce operating cost

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    Higher Productivity

    Process owners can design business workflows right away and put them into production within hours.


    Easy Adaptability

    Adapt and respond to changing business demands by applying quick modifications in the process.


    Cost Effective

    Employ intelligent automation and reduce the cost of developing new applications from scratch.

    Key Features

    Transform Your Business with Low Code Software


    Advanced Toolbox

    Use the advanced toolbox to create plug-and-play workflows. It allows drag-and-drop functionality used in business process modeling to visually create a new process.

    Sandbox Environment

    The platform provides a testing environment to run and check the execution of business processes without affecting the application in real-time.



    You can scale the functionality and adapt to evolving business requirements to develop workflows with just a few mouse clicks and use them anywhere required.

    Process Standardization

    Take the manual work out of any process. Instead, automate routine tasks, modify app capabilities, and perform various activities with ease to facilitate a better customer experience.


    Data Security

    The solution is well-equipped with the standard security patches so that sensitive data remain safe always. In addition, comprehensive audits further ensure full-proof data security.

    Automate complex and customer-facing processes with readily available tools without the need to switch between applications or hand-coding from scratch!

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    Low Code Process Automation Platform

    How does it work?

    Low Code Applications assist in developing business processes with little or no coding. The platform comes with advanced tools such as intuitive visual builders, automation features, ready-made templates, and a lot more that help to quickly create a new process. In addition, it enables you to develop custom workflows tailored to specific business needs such as client servicing, supply chain, etc. Simply put, the low-code solutions eliminate conventional methods of building an application that comprises hand-coding from scratch, constructing frameworks, or developing user interfaces. Thus, there is zero dependency on programmers or tech specialists.



    Improve the efficiency of ad-hoc requests

    No need to seek assistance from your IT team to automate and digitize internal processes. Create workflows that behave exactly how you want them to.


    Control everything from a single window

    Get all the necessary tools on a single unified interface. You can start a new process or optimize an existing one without maintaining any separate codebase or technology stack.


    Five-Star Customer Experience

    Streamline your customer journeys and transform your business by enabling end-to-end automation.


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