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    Have Questions about ThinkOwl’s Partner Program?

    Here’re the answers to the frequently asked questions from prospective partners looking to engage with ThinkOwl. Need more information? Feel free to write us at ThinkOwl Partner Success Management.


    How can I become a ThinkOwl partner?

    It's simple: you contact us here to speak about our partner program. Our Owlsome team will then review your application and contact you.

    Will a partnership agreement be drawn up?

    Yes, after discussing all options, we will sign a partnership agreement together so you can officially start distributing ThinkOwl.

    What requirements do I have to meet as a company to become a ThinkOwl partner?

    It depends on your chosen partnership model. Depending on how your business is aligned, we have different offerings:

    As a Sales Partner, you have the sales expertise to inspire customers with ThinkOwl and communicate the value proposition.

    As a Solutions Partner, you will also assist the customer during the implementation of ThinkOwl, be the main contact for all questions regarding the product, and independently carry out configurational adjustments in ThinkOwl.

    As an Integration Partner, you take over integration services for customers, e.g., the connection of the CRM system, and the technical contact person for the customer.

    As an Affiliate Partner, you recommend ThinkOwl to others without actively selling.

    Which companies/organizations are best suited to become ThinkOwl partners?

    Ideally, ThinkOwl partners are companies that have proven their professional competence as solution providers, consultants, or integrators in the respective customer environment and can evaluate the use of corresponding technologies.

    If you are unsure whether this applies to you, simply contact us.

    Is there an onboarding and training program? What does that look like in concrete terms?

    Yes! The onboarding and training program is mandatory for all partners who add ThinkOwl to their portfolio and distribute it. In addition to the onboarding program, there is ongoing information via a partner newsletter as well as on significant feature enhancements.

    What ongoing training and informational media are offered to partners?

    The Partner Newsletter showcases the latest and important releases, updates, marketing and sales campaigns around ThinkOwl.

    Current topics are available for discussion in weekly Open Owl Sessions. Our Partner Success team is available to assist you with your questions and concerns.

    The Partner Portal works as self-service for our partners with extensive materials around sales, presales, project, and best practices. You can obtain access data for the Partner Portal via our Partner Success Management.

    Will there be dedicated contact persons available for me as a partner?

    Our Partner Success Team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may have. We aim to provide you with the best possible support for your leads and customers.
    Our team of experts supports you with sales-related, organizational, or even project-specific questions. In addition, with our Open Owl Sessions, we offer an opportunity for our partners to exchange ideas on various topics.

    What opportunities do I have as a partner to familiarize myself with the ThinkOwl helpdesk?

    We offer the best support: On the one hand, you can go through the free 30-day trial and thus get to know the solution.

    In addition, as a Sales, Solution, and Integration Partner, you will undergo comprehensive onboarding and training sessions, and receive your own ThinkOwl account. Finally, our Partner Success Team is available for any kind of assistance. (e.g. in the Open Owl Sessions).

    How and when will I be listed in the Partner Directory on the website?

    As soon as we have signed the partner contract together, we will publish your company on our partner list.

    Can I choose several partner types/models at the same time?

    Yes, in principle, you can perform several partner roles simultaneously, as long as you have the necessary skills and resources (e.g. for the Integration Partner).

    What is ThinkOwl?

    ThinkOwl is help desk software that empowers you to foster a stronger connection with customers through a powerful combination of human and artificial intelligence. Read more here.

    How does ThinkOwl stand out from other software on the market?

    Most help desk software solutions are subject to rule-based workflow automation, i.e., an "if-this-then-that" approach. Alternative service desk providers have been in the market for a long time.

    With ThinkOwl, the story is more interesting — bring AI into the picture and it can use machine learning to identify patterns and find solutions that understand user behavior. The AI factor inspires the ThinkOwl service desk tool to automate your processes, reducing manual intervention, so you and your team can focus on more challenging tasks.

    What languages does ThinkOwl support?

    ThinkOwl currently supports German, English, and Dutch. More languages will follow.

    What are the technical requirements to set up ThinkOwl?

    To set up ThinkOwl, you must meet the minimum hardware requirements (memory capacity) for the operating system.

    • Install the latest browser versions of Chrome or Firefox.
    • Enable JavaScript
    • Allow Cookies
    • Enable Local Storage
    • Implement TLS v1.0 or higher

    Is data secure with ThinkOwl?

    Yes. We guarantee security through our enterprise-grade security solution built into our product, platform, and processes. Learn more here.

    What is an omnichannel experience?

    Omnichannel experience means that you can access and communicate via multiple channels (e-mail, telephone, social networks, chat, etc.) from one unified platform.