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    Empower your customer service with AI

    Provide a unique customer experience – anytime in real-time

    Always aware. Always optimizing.
    Our AI-powered service desk watches and learns from every case. Agents get better suggestions and solutions every day. And over time, you get a birds-eye view of all your customer data.

    Eliminate data digging and application hopping.
    Agents will have the exact, in-context intel they need to resolve a case right on their screen. Result: speedy case resolution, soaring productivity, and wildly happy customers – brilliant customer service with AI.

    Fly high with applied AI
    ThinkOwl empowers you to consistently deliver superhuman greatness on all channels — through AI-based case management.

    Thanks to its deep learning capabilities, ThinkOwl (and you) perpetually grow wiser with every customer interaction.



    How it works

    Increase your productivity day by day – everyday

    Multichannel Inbox

    No more manual sorting

    In addition to its email management software which is intuitive to use, ThinkOwl processes all customer interactions from multiple channels in one interface.

    And you get happier customers from simpler, faster, and spot-on communications.
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    Case Management
    Case Management

    Bye-bye, copy and paste

    ThinkOwl extracts essential customer data from cases and transfers it to the right input fields.
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    Case Management
    AI based routing
    AI-based Routing
    AI-based routing

    Smart workload distribution

    ThinkOwl auto-assigns cases to the right agent at the right time, based on smart automation rules.

    Workflow automation
    Workflow Automation

    Processes made easy

    Simply design your workflows and ThinkOwl will trigger events, processes and tasks to improve agent productivity.
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    Workflow Automation
    Knowledge Delivery
    Knowledge Delivery
    Knowledge Delivery

    Expert knowledge for everyone

    ThinkOwl continuously learns from your experts to provide knowledge-based answers for your customers.
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    Analytics & Reporting
    Analytics & Reporting

    Know the unknown

    ThinkOwl understands and identifies hidden topics from your customers inquiries and delivers deep insight and trends.
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    Analytics and Reporting

    24/7 customer service

    ThinkOwl's integrated chatbot trains on real customer chats, understand the intents, and suggest possible responses for you to answer customers – faster and smarter.
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    About Customer Helpdesk Software

    Customer helpdesk software or case management software is a bridge between you and your customers. It offers you pro-active, assisted, and self-service support to handle customer queries. Good helpdesk software empowers organizations to improve customer engagement and build better customer relationships.

    Customer support software makes handling customer inquiries considerably easier. It offers multichannel functionalities - email, phone, chat, self-service sites, and social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook - in one place.

    In addition, third-party integrations to the ticketing system can further help boost efficiency.

    Our ticketing system has built-in artificial intelligence(AI) that helps you execute most of the routine tasks automatically. Thanks to artificial intelligence, employees can focus on more complex inquiries.

    Use cases for Thinkowl are in the IT helpdesk, complaint management, back-office case management, HR management, banking case management, and more.