Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence for your business

    The ThinkOwl AI platform revolutionizes your business processes across all areas with advanced artificial intelligence and conversational self-service. With ThinkOwl, you can automate customer communication and sustainably boost your company's productivity in customer support.

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    ThinkOwl is your intelligent team mate

    Accelerate your business objectives swiftly and efficiently with AI-powered solutions. Our cutting-edge AI provides a range of possibilities for diverse applications that range from assisting your team with AI-based support to alleviating the workload of service agents. Additionally, it fosters complete automation of business processes with Conversational AI.


    OwlForce seamlessly automates processes, entirely or partially, without requiring manual intervention. Conversational AI enables fully automated handling of customer dialogues across various channels.

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    Conversational AI Intelligent Document Processing Robotic Process Automation Multilingual AI

    OwlForce autonomously manages entire customer conversations across every communication channel your customers utilize – social media, email, chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, voice messages, and telephone.

    Conversational AI
    OwlForce enables automatic and accurate processing of documents, including email attachments or scans. The AI opens contents within the inbox, processes them, and archives them. It discerns the business transaction, identifies the associated customers and contracts, and establishes the content's context in relation to other inventory information in third-party systems.
    Intelligent Document Processing

    The integration of RPA and AI automates the extraction of specialized data from documents and emails, seamlessly transferring it with precision into your company systems. Its utility extends to complex processes throughout the entire organization.

    Robotic Process Automation
    OwlForce is able to automatically process voice messages, emails and text messages in 18 languages.
    Multilingual AI

    OwlDesk is the cloud-based service desk and ticketing system that supports your service team with AI — resulting in excellent and fast customer dialogues and satisfied employees.

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    Omnichannel Inbox AI-supported processes AI-generated Suggestions Workflow Automation

    All customer messages from various channels are prominently displayed in the omnichannel inbox. The AI-driven ticket management system efficiently organizes your team's tasks, intelligently distributing the workload based on individual responsibilities and availability.

    Omnichannel Inbox

    Through intelligent case management, your team is assisted with information made available from your knowledge management module and past processes showing similarity. The AI-powered translation further facilitates employees' comprehension of foreign language texts.

    AI-supported processes
    AI automatically recommends answers derived from accurate information within the system while also taking references from the knowledge database (knowledge management), easing your employees' workload. The quality of responses continues to improve over time.
    AI-generated Suggestions
    Effortlessly manage and customize processes and responsibilities in your customer service through intelligent digital workflows. Implementation is accessible to everyone using BPMN.
    Workflow Automation
    ThinkOwl Conversations

    Utilize Conversational AI to transform paper-based communication with your customers into digital interactions. Provide customers with digital self-service options, incorporating mobile forms, electronic signatures, and a chat feature for inquiries.

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    Digital communication Send and receive documents Create Mobile Forms-EN Digital Identification and Signatures

    Engage your customers through an innovative digital platform, seamlessly integrating them into your business processes. The outcome: streamlined, rapid dialogues, delivering the ultimate customer service experience and significant cost savings for your business.

    Digital communication
    Exchange documents with customers digitally, quickly, and securely either as a one-off delivery (secure email) or in the form of a digital postbox.
    Send and receive documents
    Send and receive documents
    Put an end to paper-heavy forms and provide your customers with intelligent forms. Customers simply fill them out on their smartphones, including a legally binding signature.
    Create Mobile Forms
    Create Mobile Forms-EN
    ThinkOwl Conversations offers secure ways to identify your customers, thus ensuring legally secure digital exchanges. For example, Nect or Video-Ident, 2FA, and electronic signature (EES, FES, QES).
    Digital Identification and Signatures

    OwlSpot liefert Ihrem Team KI-basiert und in Echtzeit die passenden Informationen auf dem Bildschirm. Ergebnis: Bearbeitungszeiten sinken, Einarbeitung der Mitarbeiter verkürzt sich und die Produktivität steigt. 

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    mockup_owlspot_search_1800x1045-2 owlspot_knowledge_1600x1045 owlspot_marketplace_to_home mockup_owlspot_standalone_desktop_to_home
    Mittels Künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) wird jede gewünschte Datenquelle in Ihrem Unternehmen intelligent indexiert und laufend mit den Bildschirm-Inhalten in Bezug gesetzt.
    Der Wissensassistent für Ihr Team: OwlSpot dockt an die Daten- und Wissensquellen Ihres Unternehmens an und zeigt alle relevanten Informationen an - und zwar im Kontext zu dem was Ihr Mitarbeiter gerade am Bildschirm arbeitet. In Echtzeit.
    Jede App kann über Harvester auf Informationen externer Systeme in Ihrem Unternehmen zugreifen. Die KI hilft die Suchparameter für diese Systeme zu finden. Egal ob aus CRM, ECM, Wissenmanagement, DMS, ERP usw.
    Owlspot ist sowohl als Standalone Webanwendung in Ihrem Browser verfügbar also auch innerhalb der Servicedesk-Software OwlDesk. 
    fileee Business

    fileee Business is a cloud-based document management system designed to utilize AI for reading and categorizing all business-relevant documents. It offers straightforward archival in an audit-proof manner and facilitates collaborative team management.

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    Archive Documents in an Audit-proof Manner Export to Accounting Software Manage Documents in a Team Assign Tasks for Documents
    Easily manage your documents digitally. With fileee Business, you can archive documents in an audit-proof and GoBD-compliant manner.
    Archive Documents in an Audit-proof Manner
    Simply export documents to DATEV, lexoffice, Agenda, and SevDesk and connect up to 8 accounts to your file account. This way, you can work more efficiently with your tax advisor.
    Export to Accounting Software
    Manage paperwork and digitally represent document-related work processes while collaborating. Ensure that only the concerned team/ member can access the right document at the right time within the correct workflow.
    Manage Documents in a Team
    Implement task assignment to documents, enabling flexible execution of invoice approvals, contract processes, and other document-related workflows within your company.
    Assign Tasks for Documents

    End users employ fileee to digitize and organize their documents. Furthermore, the fileee app serves as a secure platform for end users to exchange documents and communicate with companies.

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    Find Documents fileee Box for Original Documents Exchange Documents with Companies
    Utilize fileee to scan documents using your smartphone or upload PDF documents directly. Import data effortlessly from emails or cloud storage accounts through seamless integration with other apps via a provided link.
    Import Documents
    Import Documents
    Documents are analyzed and prepared with the help of AI. This means you can find all the necessary information within documents in seconds. The information you are looking for is highlighted in color.
    Find Documents

    Efficient assistance for original documents: The fileee box features a unique barcode that the app recognizes upon scanning. This ensures that the app accurately identifies the designated box for storing the document.

    fileee Box for Original Documents
    fileee Box for Original Documents
    In the fileee account, the documents are collected, viewed, and then released in various fileeeSpaces only for the relevant companies. These companies can share documents and consult conveniently using the chat function.
    Exchange Documents with Companies
    Exchange Documents with Companies
    Over 5,000 companies and 260,000 private users trust ThinkOwl
    Normen Deutschmann
    "Our service efficiency has improved significantly. By increasing the categorization quality from 48 to 64 percent, we save multiple processing and thus time. This enable us to cope with the increased volume of inquiries.“
    Normen Deutschmann
    Product Owner Service Capabilities, EnBW AG
    EnBW AG
    Gabriele Tölle
    "The rapid introduction of the project was certainly a very nice personal success. The prompt and speedy surge in key metrics a few months following the initial iteration of the process confirmed that we were heading in the right direction.“
    Gabriele Tölle
    Head of E2E processes, LBS Westdeutsche Landesbausparkasse
    "Reducing AHT from 9 minutes to 3 minutes is truly impressive. You wouldn't believe how much time you can save with intelligent answers to emails. And the advantage of making fewer mistakes cannot be ignored either.“
    José Rosende
    Teamleitung Service EUA
    Marcel Zahn
    "We have become significantly more efficient with the same team, without adding staff. The search times have been significantly reduced. For example, due to Intelligent Answers, I alone save 2-3 hours per day. Thanks to the automated categorization of emails.“
    Marcel Zahn
    Head of Customer Support Fittings, Roto Frank Professional Service GmbH
    Danielle Baker
    "At first we didn't really want to believe in the AI hype. But thanks to a precision rate of over 90 percent in workflow automation, we are actually able to grow our business significantly."
    Danielle Baker
    Director of Operations, Odyssey
    "The more data you feed to ThinkOwl, the more accurate it will be.“
    Scott Scullivan
    Chief Information Officer, PittOhio
    "My team and I really enjoy working with ThinkOwl.“
    Shiedah Johnson
    XPO Logistics
    XPO Logistics


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