Customer Service Simplified

    With the intelligent helpdesk software that understands customers and agents.

    Based on artificial intelligence

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    Service software that can think

    ThinkOwl understands your customers’ messages – via email, chat, messenger or letter.

    Service software that can think

    ThinkOwl gets wiser every day

    The system learns from your team and builds knowledge to support your agents, exactly when they need it.

    ThinkOwl gets wiser every day

    Happy customers, lower costs

    ThinkOwl handles all the routine tasks automatically – so agents have more time to solve the special cases. 

    Happy customers, lower costs


    How AI makes the difference?

    It’s simple: AI automates mundane work. Your customer service finally pays off.

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    Multichannel Inbox

    Multichannel Inbox

    ThinkOwl’s AI sorts all customer communications by topic and priority and combines them in one centralized inbox.

    Keep a 360° overview, always.

    Case Management

    Case Management

    ThinkOwl’s AI automatically merges content and data extracted from messages into one case.

    No more copying or typing.


    AI-based routing

    AI-based routing

    AI-based routing

    Based on content and priority, ThinkOwl routes cases to the best-suited agent at the right time.

    No more manual distribution.

    Workflow Automation

    Workflow Automation

    Automatically trigger workflows, which then automatically trigger activities and tasks.

    Simplify processes.



    Knowledge Delivery

    Knowledge Delivery

    ThinkOwl provides your agents with all case-relevant information in context and suggests responses.

    Support your employees with knowledge.

    Analytics and Reporting

    Analytics & Reporting

    ThinkOwl understands topics, recognizes customers’ pain points and delivers more insights than traditional reporting.

    Understand what your customers want.

    Analytics and Reporting

    Get better together. Every day.

    Thanks to AI, your employees always get apt support from ThinkOwl.


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    "Definitely the best decision for us."

    Markus Breitenlechner
    BORA GmbH

    "Unbelievable. 90% automated workflows."

    Danielle Baker

    "My team and I are really enjoying the system."

    Shiedah Johnson
    XPO Logistics, Inc.
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