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    About us

    Our Mission, Our Motivation

    AI and human-machine collaboration will expand our abilities and unquestionably advance the way we work.

    Our mission, our motivation

    Things were so different back then: Customer support was handled along with daily office communication, using Outlook and the phone. And when the team had to grow, you invested in expensive (usually inadequate) software. Necessary adaptations were complicated. Operation was problematic. The project dragged on. Training new employees was always a problem. And the system was only updated once every few years.

    Past Future

    ThinkOwl is new. ThinkOwl is now.

    Modern, easy-to-use software that makes your customer service future-ready. Using artificial intelligence it assists your employees by automatically triggering appropriate next-step activities and collecting valuable insights from communications with customers across all service channels. Configure ThinkOwl within five days to suit your individual needs and connect it to your existing applications using our state-of-the-art REST API.

    Humans and AI – a connection we believe in.



    Pioneers in artificial intelligence 

    The idea for ThinkOwl stems from the sage minds behind the ITyX Group, who have been developing intelligent customer service solutions for more than twenty years. With a presence in 24 countries, they are actively supporting brands like Bosch, Comdirect, Deutsche Telekom, Generali, IKEA, RWE, and Samsung.

    ThinkOwl is wonderfully different

    ThinkOwl analyses and sorts tickets by topic/ agent skills automagically. What's more, it gives you contextual responses based on the customer inquiry.



    “We believe AI will enable an entirely new kind of creative productivity in humans. Cognitive assistance systems expand our abilities. That’s our mission.“

    Rolf Esau, CEO - ThinkOwl

    Time for more brains

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    Assist your employees in service and back-office with AI.


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