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AI-Powered Shipping Helpdesk for No-Sweat Logistics

Flooded with customer messages but lacking a 360° view of the cases?

This leading logistics specialist has improved productivity at the service workplace tremendously.

ThinkOwl, our AI-powered customer service software, helped to ...

... process up to 70% more freight bills per day.

... handle 30% more tasks — faster and with higher precision, with the same team.

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Success Story Odyssey: Helpdesk for Logistics

As a logistics leader, have you completely lost the overview of service cases?

Your agents are constantly juggling applications in search of information? You – and your team – are losing your sanity over the never-ending flood of customer inquiries?

We’re sending in AI for the rescue!

ThinkOwl’s service-desk software offers a single platform for managing all your customer service requests automatically. Fast and smart.


The Client

A global logistics provider with a freight network generating more than two billion dollars.


The Task

  • Use AI to process invoices automatically, which helps to organize paperwork and save processing time.
  • Validate data for quality assurance.

The Goal

  • A more productive, happier team: Your employees will finally be empowered to get on top of backed-up paperwork. They will no longer lose track of cases and will feel in control of their work. And you save time (read: “money”).
  • Real-time decisions: Manage freights in real time and make crackerjack decisions based on up-to-the-minute information.
  • Predictive analytics: Get smart next-move suggestions when tight deadlines from shippers loom.

Give your team the power of AI

AI is critical in freeing up your employees. Your team will be much more at ease handling demanding customer service cases.

  • Agents enjoy a simpler, faster, more accurate and personalized communication.
  • They no longer have to toggle between different applications when searching for contextual information.
  • Customers are on cloud nine because they are getting fast, spot-on answers.
CaseStudy Logistics: Odyssey

"At the first instance, we didn't believe in the AI hype. Seeing ThinkOwl workflow automations with 90% accuracy helped us raise business growth."
Danielle Baker, Director of Operations Odyssey

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