Success Story

Master Faster Logistics with AI-powered Helpdesk

Flooded with customer messages but lacking a 360° view of the cases?

This global logistics leader has improved productivity at the service workplace tremendously.

Thanks to ThinkOwl and AI support, that helped to:

  • automate workflows based on your dialogs with customers and partners
  • handle 30% more inquiries – faster and more precise, with the same team

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Success Story Odyssey: Helpdesk for Logistics

Have you lost track of service requests?

Do your agents keep toggling between different applications – hunting essential information?

Let AI handle your business processes.

ThinkOwl’s service-desk software offers a single platform for managing all your customer requests automatically. Fast and smart.


The Client

A global logistics provider with a worldwide freight network generating more than two billion dollars.


The Task

  • Use AI to process relevant data for transports automatically
  • Validate the data for quality assurance

The Goal

  • A more productive, happy team: Employees have an eye on everything
  • Apply AI: The team can relieve their load by automating most of the logistics operations
  • Real-time decisions: Manage loads in real-time and make decisions based on current information
  • Predictive Analysis: Get smart next-move suggestions and work faster in tight deadlines from shippers

Give your team the power of AI

The AI does the routine tasks; your employees have an overview and take care of the more demanding tasks.

  • Your employees look forward to easier, faster and more personal communication
  • You get to view everything on a single platform – no more hunting for critical data in different applications
  • Your customers are happy because they receive quick and precise answers
CaseStudy Logistics: Odyssey

"At the first instance, we didn't believe in the AI hype. Seeing ThinkOwl workflow automations with 90% accuracy helped us raise business growth."
Danielle Baker, Director of Operations Odyssey

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