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    Digital self-service – a seamless experience for your customers

    Every inquiry that reaches your customer service is significant. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence within ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS, you have the capability to automatically channel incoming inquiries from various touchpoints into personalized self-service experiences. It is designed to cater to the unique needs of both your customers and employees.
    customer centricity

    100 % customer centricity

    Artificial Intelligence facilitates your customers with immediate and automated access to a personalized digital application process.
    start quickly

    Get started quickly

    Build a prototype in just 5 days and test it directly with customer feedback. Realize a pilot project in just a few weeks and expand it iteratively.

    Thanks to low-code

    Effortlessly and promptly create self-service processes for your customers with preconfigured standard features.


    Deliver a uniform service experience to your customers through email, instant messenger, or integrated landing pages. Simultaneously, your employees are freed from routine dialogues.
    easy onboarding

    Easy customer onboarding

    An onboarding link can be conveniently sent by post, email, QR code, or WhatsApp. Secure onboarding is also possible in combination with 2-factor authentication via SMS.
    high security standards

    Security - made in Germany

    We work with the latest encryption standards on German servers from reputable providers (ISO27001). All data is processed in compliance with GDPR.
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    digital documents
    automation and ai
    digital signature and data security
    Successfully used by many companies
    Testimonial by Gabriele Tölle
    "The swift initiation of the project marked a notable personal achievement. Witnessing a significant surge in key metrics after the first iteration of the process a few months later affirmed our confidence in being on the right path."
    Gabriele Tölle
    Head of E2E-Processes, LBS Westdeutsche Landesbausparkasse
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    Testimonial of Michael Spieß
    "Swiss Post Solution is a global full-service provider in the field of digital and physical document management. ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS integrates perfectly into our existing solutions. For example, we configure mobile HR apps for our customers' employees."
    Michael Spieß
    Head of Client Management / Board Member, Swiss Post Solution
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    "Conversations offers us successful end-to-end digitalization in our daily communication with customers and partners. We avoid media disruptions, shorten processes and make our service fit for the future."
    Daniel Kolvenbach
    Board Member, SIGNAL IDUNA Bauspar AG
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    Want to use the full potential of ThinkOwl?

    Comprehensive digital customer service, seamlessly integrated and coordinated: From AI-supported ticket entry (email, messenger, social media) to agent assistance and personalized self-service.
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