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    Human Centered CX

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    Topics Covered:

    • Value-driven growth tactics 
    • Vitality to stellar customer experiences
    • Importance of delivering on your customers’ promises 

    Topics Covered:

    • Responsibilities of customer success teams 
    • Beneficial outcomes of the human-machine alliance  
    • How to offer low-effort yet reliable support experience to your customers

    Key Takeaways

    Upon reading this eBook, you can:

    • Discover what really matters for your customers and reduce customer frustration that plagues typical customer service experiences

    • Focus on your company culture as a primary means to strengthen customer-centricity

    • Determine the various roles played by customer success managers, helpdesk administrators, and service agents to improve customer experience

    • Improve your service agentagent productivity to excel in their day-to-day activities

    • Transition from a system of only acquiring information to a system where valuable insight is exchanged through transparent communication

    • Learn how to provide guidance and consultation throughout the customer’s journey, especially after sales

    • Make service available across multiple touch points by applying AI and automation technology that leaves a lasting impression on your customers


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