Perfect human-machine interaction

    By automating business processes, you can reduce costs and improve the quality of work simultaneously.
    Reduce costs

    Reduce cost

    OwlDesk integrates seamlessly with existing systems, offering simplicity and flexibility for any system environment.
    Increase efficiancy

    Increase efficiency

    OwlForce automates erstwhile manual business processes, yielding optimal efficiency and substantial savings in time and resources.
    Data-driven decisions

    Make data-driven decisions

    OwlForce collects and analyzes data to help you make informed business decisions and continuously improve your customer-based processes. 
    reduce risk

    Reduce risk

    Consistent execution of business processes reduces the risk of human error and fraud. OwlForce thus supports you in improving your compliance.
    Scale flexibility

    Scale flexibility

    OwlForce adapts to your specific requirements and grows flexibly and reliably with your business.
    improve communication

    Improve customer communication

    Modern AI significantly optimizes interaction with your customers and increases customer satisfaction.
    Conversation Bot
    Intent recognition
    Extraction of data
    Topic Recognition
    Audio Transcription & Synthesis
    Sentiment Analysis
    Robotic Process Automation
    BPMN integration

    Customers trust OwlForce

    Normen Deutschmann
    "Our service efficiency has improved significantly: by increasing the categorization quality from 48% to 64%, we save on multiple processing and therefore time. This has enabled us to cope with the increased volume of inquiries."
    Normen Deutschmann
    Product Owner Service Capabilities, EnBW AG
    Quote EnBW
    Marcel Zahn
    "We have become much more efficient with the same team - without having to increase staff. Because the search times have been significantly minimized, thanks to the intelligent responses, for example. I save 2-3 hours a day thanks to the automated categorization of emails."
    Marcel Zahn
    Head of Customer Service Fittings, Roto Frank Professional Service GmbH
    Roto Professional Services
    Gabrielle Tölle
    "The rapid introduction of the project was certainly a very nice personal success. When the key figures suddenly increased rapidly after the first iteration of the process a few months later, we knew we were on the right track."
    Gabrielle Tölle
    Head of E2E processes, LBS Westdeutsche Landesbausparkasse
    Danielle Baker
    "At first, we didn't really want to believe the AI hype. But thanks to a precision rate of over 90 percent in workflow automation, we were actually able to expand our business considerably."
    Danielle Baker
    Vice President Operations, Odyssey Logistics
    "The more data you give ThinkOwl, the more accurate it becomes."
    Scott Sullivan
    Chief Information Officer, PittOhio
    "My team and I really enjoy working with ThinkOwl."
    Shiedah Johnson
    Service Managment, XPO Logistics
    "My team and I have been working with ThinkOwl since 2020, and we are very satisfied."
    Martin Zöllner
    Head of Second Level Support, Hahn Air
    hahn air