Fully automated customer dialogues with Conversational AI

    Conversational AI refers to an AI-driven dialogue system capable of autonomously engaging in seamless, automated interactions with your customers. This includes communication across various channels such as social media, email, chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, voice messages, and telephone; Meeting your customers wherever they choose to connect.

    Conversational AI
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    Automated customer dialogue with conversational AI

    Innovative AI technology for your company's success

    Modern artificial intelligence is able to understand people's intentions, needs, and desires. Conversational AI can be used successfully in a variety of ways: conversational chatbots, voice assistants, virtual assistants, and dialogue systems in different contexts.

    Chat bot
    Understanding customer requests
    Capturing context
    Providing answers
    Sending voice messages
    Data security and privacy
    Powerful combination of AI features

    Revolutionize your customer dialogues with Conversational AI

    Increase Reaction Time
    Increase reaction time
    The average response speed of customer inquiries increases by up to 80 percent.
    Reduce communication costs
    Reduce communication costs
    Communication costs are reduced by up to 40 percent.
    Increase flexibility
    Increase flexibility
    Market changes require versatility and speed. Conversational AI offers versatile application options that can be implemented quickly.