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    • 1 service desk
    • Email case management
    • Intelligent document management (fileee)
    • Automation with dispatcher rules for new messages
    • Event-based case automation
    • Scenarios
    • Smart responses
    • Custom case fields
    • Knowledge base
    • Basic analytics and reports in single dashboard
    All Silver features plus:
    • Conditional case fields
    • Automatic and manual time tracking
    • Message templates
    • AI-ready case management* 2)
    • Intelligent case fields2)
    • AI assistant (enables AI capabilities)*
    • Text chat
    • Task management
    • Multiple configurable dashboards for analytics
    • Knowledge versioning
    All Gold features plus:
    • 5 service desks
    • Guided mode for case management
    • Audio chat
    • Multiple case forms
    • Multiple SLA policies and schedules (opening hours)
    • AI assistant (enables AI capabilities)*
    • Auto topic analysis*
    • Advanced password policy
    • Message broadcasting and notification center
    • Integration server for external connectivity* 4)
    All Platinum features plus:
    • 10 service desks
    • Advanced AI features included3)
    • Intelligent guided mode
    • Automate business processes with BPMN
    • Automated task creation and assignment
    • Connect your own email servers
    • Letter channel
    • Video chat and screen sharing1)

    Important:  Details and availability status of plans and included features are subject to change at ThinkOwl's sole discretion.

    * Requires Add-On (at an extra fee)

    1) Screen sharing is not supported for mobile devices.

    2) AI training cycles require the AI Assistant Add-On or the Diamond Plan, as well as a ThinkOwl plan with a minimum of 5 users. For additional training cycles, ThinkOwl credits may be purchased.

    3) One (1) monthly training cycle for every AI component is included for one (1) desk. Additional monthly training cycles can be purchased.

    4) ThinkOwl Integration Server is provided at request (extra fee) and must be installed on customer premises.(Needed when you want to develop a custom integration with third-party software using ThinkOwl API calls).

    AI Training cycles require the AI Assistant Add-On or the Diamond Plan, as well as a ThinkOwl plan with a minimum of 5 users

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    More than 200 seats?


    Which plan is right for me?

    To make it easy for you to decide how much ThinkOwl is right for your specific business needs, all features supported with our different plans are explained in detail on our website. And did you know, our 30-day free trial allows you to fully experience ThinkOwl before you commit to a plan? Of course, you can always contact us for advice or with specific questions.

    How does the free trial work?

    During your 30-day free trial, you can explore ALL features of ThinkOwl without obligation. To buy a plan that's right for your business, simply choose a plan from your account — or get in touch with us.

    How can I switch between plans?

    Switching between plans is easy. You can upgrade anytime. If you wish to downgrade, you can do so at the time of subscription renewal.

    What are your billing cycles and payment options?

    You can choose between monthly and annual billing. We accept payment by credit card (VISA, Mastercard and American Express).