100% customer centricity with CONVERSATIONS

    Leverage AI assistance to seamlessly convert your customers' ad-hoc and personalized requests into intelligent self-service workflows. Free your employees from the burden of handling routine inquiries.

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    What's included in ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS?

    With OwlDesk and the ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS add-on, you get extensive features for designing your digital business processes.

    Intelligent Form

    Intelligent forms

    Create comprehensive digital workflows and enhance customer experience with intelligent mobile forms. Attain maximum efficiency and satisfaction through validation and automated reminders.

    custom form

    Fields, texts, and image elements

    Customize your form precisely to your needs, utilizing all the options available for creating fully digital forms.


    Instant validation

    Ensure accurate information by utilizing standard validations in real-time and personalized validation rules.

    data and AI

    Pre-filled fields

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) extracts the data from documents and transfers it to the intended fields.

    Dynamic Forms

    Dynamic Forms

    Configure your forms using logic rules to dynamically show or hide content. This way, customers are only shown the fields that are relevant to their application process based on the details they fill in.

    Digital Communication


    ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS provides a direct communication channel with your customers and employees, ensuring continuous and consistent information flow for all parties involved.

    Instant Messenger

    Instant messenger

    Engage in direct messaging with customers and employees through an intuitive interface, encompassing all standard messenger features like messages, user status, profile pictures, and more.

    Group Chat

    Multiple participants

    Communicate with any number of participants, enabling everyone involved to contribute to dialogues and processes collectively.

    Push Messages

    Push messages

    Customers and employees always stay up to date via email, push notifications, or other channels.



    With structured checklists, you can request information in a targeted manner through mobile forms and documents. The queries are designed to facilitate smooth customer processing and guarantee comprehensive responses.



    The messenger's history generates a timeline, ensuring that all communications remain easily comprehensible for your customers.

    AI Chat Tool


    Chat with customers and train the intelligent Conversation Bot.

    Documents and Digital Files


    Effortlessly send digital documents and forms to customers and promptly receive them securely through ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS.


    Email box

    Revamp the document transmission process into a digital format, offering a swift and paperless alternative that saves time and cuts down on postage expenses.

    scan documents

    Mobile capture

    Transform smartphone photos of documents into high-quality scans by leveraging mobile capture.

    Document Processing

    Document processing

    Modern AI techniques organize documents and emails while automatically extracting content data.



    ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS offers a wide range of options for securely identifying your customers and ensuring legally compliant digital exchange.

    Video Identification

    Video identification

    Through established procedures like personal identification, Nect, or Video-Ident, customers can be authenticated and invited to participate in conversations.



    CONVERSATIONS offers many authentication options such as unique (temporary) links or two-factor authentication.

    digital signature


    The electronic signature holds significant importance, especially for contract documents and forms, enabling a seamless digital execution of your processes.


    Customer Experience

    As an OwlDesk add-on, ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS ensures a seamless digital experience for you and your customers: from simple onboarding to integration into your business processes.

    Custom Onboarding

    Custom Onboarding

    Onboarding links can be conveniently sent via mail, email, QR code, or WhatsApp.


    Low-code editor

    With the low-code editor, you can design templates for your web and mobile applications, incorporating more than 18 features specifically crafted for your digital use cases.



    By specifying colors, logos, and texts, you can design your conversations individually, matching your company's design.

    All Devices

    All devices

    In addition to a modern and responsive web application, mobile devices are supported via app (iOS and Android). ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS also offers service SDK deployment.

    digitize busines processes

    Integration into business processes (OwlDesk)

    ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS is an add-on from OwlDesk that offers over 18 features to digitize your business processes.


    Seamless integration

    The seamless connection to your existing system architecture enables efficient data exchange and synchronization between different applications and systems. The result: optimized processes, increased efficiency, and improved user experience.

    Connection to third-party systems

    Connection to third-party systems

    OwlDesk facilitates the integration of internal systems for seamless and automatic forwarding of all data from ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS, including documents and forms.

    Integration into autonomous processes

    Integration into autonomous processes (OwlForce)

    Create customized, automated workflows to substantially minimize manual effort.

    Data transfer to third-party systems

    Data transfer to third-party systems (OwlForce)

    OwlForce automatically extracts specialist data from all file formats and transfers it precisely into 3rd party systems.



    OwlDesk and ThinkOwl CONVERSATIONS for streamlined and efficient dialogues!

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