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    Finger on the pulse

    ThinkOwl’s AI checks customers’ mood and satisfaction. See preferences, problems, complaints in easy graphs.

    Makes sense: If you want to improve customer happiness, you have to listen. ThinkOwl’s Discover technology uses AI to capture your customers’ topics and mood. What’s more, you’ll spot changes and can react immediately when things get out of hand.

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    Analytics and Reporting

    Understand what’s important



    Semantic topic recognition

    With ThinkOwl’s AI, you can understand and graphically visualize specific customer issues.


    Standard reports

    Automatically analyze essential key performance indicators (KPIs).




    Custom widgets

    Create your own dashboards and analytics, designed for your specific topics and contents.

    In-depth analytics on customer satisfaction and team efficiency.

    Exactly what management wants to know


    Deliver analytics on the topics of customer inquiries – and how they are changing.


    Analyze where’s the snag and immediately react with specific measures.


    Recognize where problems arise in the customer journey.

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    About Analytics and Reporting

    Customer service analytics and reporting enable contact centers to collect and analyze customer feedback to uncover valuable insights. AI helpdesk solutions can decipher customers’ mood and satisfaction. As brands leverage multiple channels to engage with their customers, AI helpdesk helps CX leaders deliver more personalized support experiences that improve loyalty and lead to positive brand perception.

    Metrics such as first response time (FRT), average resolution time (ART), and customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) are the most popular customer service analytics. However, to cater to evolving customer expectations, it is important for brands to leverage qualitative data such as the content of customer cases. AI helpdesks allow customer service teams to sort huge amounts of qualitative data to streamline processes and reduce time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

    Some solutions also provide machine learning-enabled contextual analysis that prioritizes incoming cases and automatically assigns them to available agents – saving valuable time for customer service teams and improving agent experience. AI helpdesk software also detects urgency in customer cases and helps CX leaders identify snags in the customer journey.