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Recognize your customer's issues
in real time and make informed
business decisions

Comprehend key performance metrics

 across topics, teams and channels.


Know what's getting between
your customers and quick support.


Know what's important,
 in real-time. It's simple.


Experience the ThinkOwl difference : Drilled down reporting and analytics

Drilled Down Reporting and Customer Data Analytics
Pre-configured reports

Pre-configured reports

Gain a deeper understanding of any key performance metric at a glance.




Customizable Widgets

Customizable Widgets

Add widgets to create your own customized reports, dashboards and layouts.

Semantic Topic Monitoring

Semantic Topic Monitoring

Monitor and organize by topics.
Drill down to single support conversations.
Listen and know.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Know your customers inside and out.
Share actionable insights with your management.

ThinkOwl listens, learns and adapts.

ThinkOwl listens, learns and
adapts — automatically. With AI.

Continuously analyzing data from all customer interactions,
ThinkOwl provides better information and smarter solutions
– and gets better with every case. 

Know why AI in ThinkOwl is a game changer