Analytics and Reports

    Analytics and reports for data-driven insights

    To improve customer satisfaction, it is crucial to engage in active listening. OwlDesk's Discover technology employs AI to comprehend your customers' topics and sentiments. Additionally, it enables you to identify changes and respond promptly when situations require extra attention.
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    OwlDesk Analytics and Reports

    Finger on the pulse 

    AI within OwlDesk assesses customers' moods and satisfaction levels, presenting their preferences, issues, and complaints through easily understandable graphs. By presenting this valuable information in visually accessible formats, OwlDesk enables businesses to grasp key insights and trends related to customer feedback swiftly.
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    Exactly what the management wants to know

    customer data
    Discover analytics on the topics of customer inquiries – and how they are changing.
    case escalation
    Analyze where’s the snag and immediately react with specific measures.
    customer journey
    Recognize where problems arise in the customer journey.