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    Smarter with every question.

    Smarter with every question. Customers and agents find answers on ThinkOwl's integrated customer self-service portal – around the clock.

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    Self Service

    Customers want answers. Often right away. And usually, your agents know the best response. Though, they don't necessarily need to be in touch in person. ThinkOwl learns from all such responses to repeat questions over time (FAQ) and offers a knowledge library- a self-service support portal branded in your corporate design.

    ThinkOwl Smart Laptop

    A reliable self-service experience for everyone


    Agents use proven smart responses in customer dialogs.


    ThinkOwl learns which responses are really helpful to customers.


    ThinkOwl’s trained AI suggests best responses on the customer portal.

    AI is the key to precise answers

    Creating your company's AI-enabled customer portal helps your customers check the status of their ticket or browse articles themselves.

    Own customer portal

    No more waiting for an agent's help.


    The winning strategy


    Serve your customers and agents with the right answers.


    Fewer inquiries to manually deal with.


    Run your portal on autopilot. Save money.

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    About Customer Portal Software

    Customer portal software offers customers a collection of self-help functionalities that are open to customers and accessible through a brand’s website. Typical self-service features include self-resolution through the company knowledge base, AI-enabled smart responses, self-logging of cases, collaborative spaces, service requests, and chat.

    AI-enabled customer portals provide contact center agents with proven smart responses by continuously learning the responses customers find helpful. So, in addition to delivering faster resolution rates, AI helpdesk also allows agents to become more productive which ultimately leads to superior customer experience.

    The best customer portals also support multiple devices including smartphones, so, customers can initiate workflows or submit cases themselves from the convenience of their smartphones. The customer portal can also function as a brands’ self service knowledge base software as it provides agents with in-the-moment information.