Self Service

    Simplify customer support with self-service solutions

    Unlock the power of autonomous problem-solving through cutting-edge online self-service. Engage with a savvy Conversation Bot or explore a customer portal enriched with wisdom from a seamlessly integrated knowledge management system.
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    Support Portal

    A little smarter with every question

    Artificial Intelligence serves as the cornerstone for providing precise responses to customer inquiries. And best of all, without contacting your service team. OwlDesk learns from your service staff's answers to frequently asked questions and directs customers to pertinent articles within the integrated knowledge management system accessible through the self-service portal.
    Self Service

    Reduce costs with the right self-service strategy

    Customer Experience
    Improve customer experience
    Customers can find answers to their questions quickly and reliably around the clock.
    Reduce Workload
    Reduce workload
    The conversation bot answers standard queries without involving support agents, and it can be found in the customer portal.
    Increase Efficiency
    Increase efficiency
    AI Bot consistently acquires new knowledge, and the customer portal grows with each interaction involving your team's responses.
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    Result of utilizing intelligent self-service

    Sets Standards
    Sets standards
    Employees use predefined answers in customer dialogues.
    Reduces Errors
    Reduces errors
    OwlDesk learns which answers really help your customers.
    Saves Training Time
    Saves training time
    Through the customer portal, customers and colleagues receive trained suggestions.