Message the New Generation

    Reach customers where they already are when they are communicating: on Facebook Messenger, etc. ThinkOwl fully integrates popular messenger apps.


    1-on-1 or in a group with customers, employees, fans: Apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. enable customer engagement with a new generation of consumers. ThinkOwl supports them all.


    Between friends


    Think big – start small

    Get in touch: It’s easy with ThinkOwl to design and integrate customer dialogs on messenger apps.

    • Without your own IT infrastructure
    • easy onboarding
    • GDPR compliant

    Every messenger out of the box

    ThinkOwl opens the door to a whole series of powerful business messaging services — scaleable and securely integrated via standardized SDKs.



    Turnkey as part of your service desk

    ThinkOwl fully integrates messenger apps. Your service with a leading edge: Message the new generation of customers... their way.


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    30 days. Free. Simple.

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