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Businesses that win awards for their email service
use email response management software from ThinkOwl.

Discover our worldwide leading software for better customer relations,
with intelligent email routing and processing.

Responding and final processing via external systems is largely automated.

ThinkOwl is particularly relevant for your contact center,
back office, online customer service, support.


Process 80% of all customer inquiries within two hours.

Classify and route emails
Classify and route emails

Incoming cases are analyzed and assigned to an
available agent, based on topic, skills and urgency.

360 Degree Case History
360-degree case history

ThinkOwl draws from legacy systems to empower
your agents with relevant context information —
displayed on the helpdesk, just when it's needed.

Canned Responses
Canned responses

ThinkOwl learns past, proven expert responses
and offers a selection as text templates for responses.

Send and archive automatically
Send & Archive

Agents can freely choose the outgoing channel
(email, app, messaging), and customer inquiries are
automatically archived, depending on contend.

React quicker, at a lower cost
and more consistently.
Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks.

ThinkOwl automatically learns from each case to optimize the
knowledge base for online self-service and knowledge management.

All communication on one helpdesk —
that’s what makes your service efficient and personal.