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Intelligent automation for the people,
built by the AI pioneers.

Cognitive automation is your answer to limited manpower, time and budget. With ThinkOwl, you can leverage the wisdom of machine learning and pattern recognition.


Self-learning algorithms train themselves simply by operating “learning by doing” and self-optimizing with every move. ThinkOwl remembers what worked effectively last time, suggests the best next move and provides predictive insights.


With ThinkOwl, your IT support helpdesk, customer self-service portals and back office are all in one place.

Intelligent Capture

AI-based content recognition

What is the customer’s intent?


  • ThinkOwl’s proven algorithms have been established and optimized over at the mothership ITyX
  • These algorithms have been used to classify written inquiries and route tickets in the giant enterprise applications (think IKEA- and Bosch-size)


ThinkOwl democratizes AI-based helpdesk management.

case_historyIntelligent Understanding

Contextual analytics based on AI

What are related knowledge items?


  • ThinkOwl analyzes what you know and translates that data into contextual understanding
  • The relevant items that worked in the past (experts, knowledge articles, related tasks, proven responses) is displayed on the agent’s desktop


Understand. Deliver superhumanly good service. Repeat.



Deep learning

Deep learning

What´s the key to successful completion?


  • Train ThinkOwl with all possible scenarios for a case
  • It detects similar instances and remembers how it was resolved in the past
  • It analyzes historic data and draws insights for future reference
  • ThinkOwl keeps learning and gets smarter, thereby providing best results 


ThinkOwl remembers, so you don’t have to.

Customer Case Management with Automation

Understanding is the core to precision

Truly understand what your customers need.
Make your customers happy beyond their expectations, and so they retain.

Save money by driving down case-handling
costs through intelligent automation.