AI-powered Service Desk

    AI relieves your team of routine tasks

    AI supports your employees in tasks that they would otherwise have to complete manually. This not only boosts overall productivity but also fosters an environment where human skills can be better utilized for problem-solving.
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    Case Inbox

    Künstliche Intelligenz entlastet Ihr Team von Routinetätigkeiten

    KI unterstützt Ihre Mitarbeiter bei Aufgaben, die sie sonst umständlich manuell erledigen müssen.
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    New generation customer service 

    OwlDesk's AI facilitates the effortless conversion of service request content into actionable data and processes, eliminating the necessity for manual intervention by service staff.
    AI-based Customer Service

    AI makes your team more productive

    No searching or research
    No searching or research
    Your employees see all relevant information in OwlDesk.
    No copying or Retyping
    No copying or retyping
    Content data is recorded automatically and in a structured manner.
    No forwarding of queries
    No forwarding of queries
    Approval processes and rework are initiated automatically.

    Support teams receive exactly the right information that matches the customer's request.

     AI empowers customer service


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