Intelligent Automation for Smarter Workflows 

    Revolutionize customer-based processes with AI. Conversational AI captures and processes content in all formats automatically. OwlForce offers a comprehensive suite of AI features to assist you in automating customer dialogues and business processes. 

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    intelligent automation


    OwlForce for You

    All the features of OwlForce are designed to unlock the full automation potential of your business processes. Everything is consolidated within a single interface without the need for complex integration. OwlForce automates efficiently: various customer concerns are automatically recognized, existing information is checked for completeness, and any follow-up questions are handled autonomously. The transfer to third-party systems is precise and seamless. 

    process automation

    Process automation with conversational AI

    Intelligent automation from the cloud. Scalable, secure, and highly available.

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    text recognition

    Text recognition

    With artificial intelligence, content is automatically extracted from various document formats, triggering processes.

    document recognition

    Document recognition (IDR)

    Our Intelligent Document Recognition is built on AI and offers content classification, data extraction, and process export across all system boundaries.

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    image recognition

    Image recognition

    Various AI methods are combined for efficient image recognition, leveraging computer vision and deep learning.

    Audio Transcripts

    Audio transcripts

    Our system can convert audio files into text to facilitate your workflows.

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    Automatic translation

    AI-driven, automated live translation in 18 languages.

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    Intent Recognition

    Intent recognition

    Intent recognition enables your applications to determine what your customers intend to initiate or accomplish.

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    Data extraction

    AI recognizes and automatically extracts relevant content from documents, emails, and forms, storing it in a formatted dataset.

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    OwlForce employs various AI methods that can be flexibly trained and combined. It can be applied anywhere linguistic analysis of texts with different structures is required.


    Sentiment analysis

    Methods of text mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP) automatically analyze customer feedback. This enables you to assess the sentiment regarding specific topics or products.


    Data validation

    OwlForce employs plausibility checks to compare extracted content with your existing data. Fuzzy matching combined with rule sets ensures the highest accuracy in the validation process.

    Conversation Bot

    Conversation AI Bot

    Our Conversation Bot interacts with your customers to assist them in resolving their issues. It not only understands customer inquiries and intentions but also autonomously provides the best answers, 24/7, in real-time.

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    conversational AI

    Gathering information

    Conversational AI automatically recognizes and retrieves missing information related to customer inquiries, for example, through follow-up questions.

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    Intent matching

    A new process is automatically added to existing ones when a matching intent is detected.


    AI-Based responses

    AI-based generation of automatic responses while simultaneously building a knowledge base.

    AI-Based voice responses

    AI-based generation of voice responses that are nearly human-like (voice synthesis).

    Workflow Automation

    Workflow automation

    By integrating BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), you optimize the automation of your business processes.

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    BPMN process builder

    Plan and control complete business processes in an easily understandable workflow representation with BPMN.


    Event trigger

    Define situations in which specific actions should be automatically triggered. This significantly relieves the burden on your team.



    Combine events and conditions to design processes with multiple sub-steps. An efficiency booster for your workflows.

    Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic process automation

    Our solution integrates over 400 RPA scripts to automate further and streamline your business processes.

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    AI and RPA

    Robots alone automate only data entry. In combination with our AI, you automate the entire process of content capture.


    Optimizing RPA efficiency

    Leverage AI in an additive manner to significantly boost the efficiency of RPA.


    Diverse RPA processes

    Implement multiple RPA processes for a single operation. The process is executed with precision and complete automation based on their scripts.


    Digital Bots

    The spectrum of deployed RPA bots ranges from simple, manually configured workarounds to complex software on a virtual machine.

    Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment analysis

    Modern algorithms automatically identify sentiments in texts, enabling a deeper understanding of your customers and the ability to customize your offerings accordingly.


    Topic recognition

    Organize tickets or tasks clearly based on assignees, groups, prioritization, categories, or keywords.


    Trend analysis

    Design task forms tailored to specific categories or for general use to capture data from tickets.


    Automation reporting

    The reporting provides a comprehensive view of both the extent and success of automation, allowing for quick and easy success monitoring.

    Information analysis

    Automatically detect missing information or content.

    Easy Admin

    Easy admin

    Ensuring the ease of use of all AI-based tools is our platform's foremost priority.


    Automation inbox

    With the assistance of AI, all tasks from diverse channels are automatically sorted centrally in the inbox based on themes, priorities, or responsibilities.


    RPA desktop client

    Simply create your RPA scripts with the desktop client.


    Operative dashboard

    A transparent dashboard guarantees complete visibility for your RPA personnel.

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