Intelligent document recognition

    Accurate and automated, Intelligent Document Recognition efficiently processes content data from customer interactions, documents, and archives, eliminating the need for manual steps. Utilize intelligent document recognition to access document content seamlessly.

    Automation and AI
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    Document Recognition

    No more manual data entry

    Merely storing, organizing, and retrieving documents is insufficient to sustain a competitive advantage today. Intelligent document recognition automatically unlocks the content of documents entirely.
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    OCR Recognition
    Modern AI Technology
    Maximum Efficiency
    High Savings Potential

    Automate complex document processing

    Smart Automation
    Smart automation
    Significantly reduce costs for manual document processing with the help of AI.
    Time for critical tasks
    Relieve your team from manual tasks. AI frees up time for innovation and creativity.
    Secure from the cloud
    Take advantage of secure operations within the certified German cloud.