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All channels in one place

Omnichannel Customer Service

You have contacts.
We have your back.

Customers send messages via email, chat, Twitter or Messenger. All of the time. Perched and ready, ThinkOwl collects all incoming messages across all channels and delivers them to one single team inbox. You keep a birds-eye view on each customer.

And ThinkOwl never forgets a ticket.


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Customer Data Analytics Powered by AI

ThinkOwl makes sense of it all

ThinkOwl compiles data from every single customer interaction.

  • What do customers want?
  • Which data to extract?
  • Who has best resolved similar issues in the past?
  • What are the best reference articles for your agent?
  • What is the appropriate response to answer the ticket?

Learn why AI is the game-changer in customer service

ThinkOwl remembers who’s rocked this before

ThinkOwl tosses complex cases to the expert agent who previously aced a similar problem. Meanwhile, intelligent machines reliably take over repetitive routine tasks according to your customized automated workflows.

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Automate Customer Case Management
Self Service Customer Experience

ThinkOwl helps customers to help themselves 24/7

Deliver a seamless customer experience and reduce support costs with self-service. Create your own customized all-in-one customer portal with an integrated knowledge base and an online support community*.

*coming soon

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ThinkOwl — and you — get smarter with every customer interaction

Kick manual monitoring out of the nest. ThinkOwl, always on the lookout, feeds on data and produces valuable insights — so you can analyze customer intentions and related team activities in near real-time. Discover trends before you know it with the customizable topic (analytics) dashboard.

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Customer Analytics & Reporting

Your team deserves
a little automation.

Conquer the chaos through machine learning — know what your customers want and how to give it to them, every time.



Customer Service Management

Pamper each customer

Keep a 360° overview of every individual
customer and case.

Customer Service powered by AI

Agents with superhuman skills

Deliver phenomenal service. Every time.

Customer Service Automation

Be your best boss

Progress with the intelligent automation
and a better service team.