Automate customer service with AI

    Cloud-based service desk software is exceptional. You will see a powerplay of artificial intelligence, low code technology, hyper-automation, effective case management, and AI-enabled productivity tools that help service teams resolve customer issues efficiently across all communication channels and industries. Everything you will ever need in your service and back-office – it is here.

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    customer service automation


    Streamline your operations

    You can offer customers an entirely new world of service. OwlDesk goes beyond by seamlessly bridging customer dialogues and internal processes within your company. Powered by AI, it enhances your service team's productivity day by day.

    Omnichannel Service

    Omnichannel Service

    Instant access to all service requests, categorized by topic and urgency. The outcome: seamless dialogues across every channel.

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    Email Response

    Email response management

    Use AI to read emails and attachments and initiate service processes automatically.

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    Social Media

    Social media

    Manage customer conversations from Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) all in one centralized hub with OwlDesk.



    Customers can contact you via WhatsApp and submit support requests.

    Live Chat and Chatbot

    Live chat and chatbot

    Offer your customers quick help via text, audio, and video chat.

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    Self Service Portal

    Self-service portal

    The right answers for your customers around the clock. Optimal 24/7 service!

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    Customer App

    Customer app

    Design your digital customer interface with ThinkOwl conversations.

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    Custom Channel

    Custom channel

    Establish centralized communication within ThinkOwl through custom channels, including applications.

    Workflow Automation

    Workflow Automation

    Boost your team's efficiency by automating standard processes and routine tasks.

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    BPMN Process Builder

    BPMN process builder

    Design and manage entire business processes through a user-friendly workflow representation using BPMN.

    SLA Monitoring

    SLA monitoring

    Achieve your service level objectives with intelligent SLA monitoring. The outcome: Delighted customers.

    Event Triggers

    Event triggers

    Specify scenarios where specific actions are automatically initiated, providing relief to your service team.



    Combine events and conditions to craft multi-step processes, enhancing efficiency for customer service.

    AI Assist

    AI Support

    Save valuable time with AI support so your team can focus on what matters most.

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    Dispatcher AI

    Dispatcher AI

    Automatically classify incoming requests into correct categories.

    Data Extraction

    Data extraction

    Detect and automatically extract relevant customer data from customer messages.

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    AI and Skill-based Routing

    AI and skill-based routing

    Distribute processes optimally to the responsible teams and employees based on workload and availability.

    Conversation Bot

    Conversation bot

    Let the system converse with customers without involving support agents and train the AI bot.

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    AI Knowledge Assistant

    AI knowledge assistant

    For each request, your service team can see relevant and important information about the process.

    Intelligent Answers

    Smart response

    OwlDesk independently suggests personalized responses for the swift resolution of customer inquiries.



    Best OCR recognition from all text structures through the use of AI. More than 95% of documents can be processed automatically.



    Utilizing Conversational AI, OwlForce automates processes fully or partially, eliminating the need for employee intervention in the workflow.

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    Self Service

    Self Service

    Attain seamless customer engagement with round-the-clock service using the customer portal, knowledge database, conversational chatbot, and ThinkOwl Conversations.

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    Knowledge Database

    Customer portal knowledge database

    Within the Self Service Portal, customers can access relevant articles from the integrated knowledge management system at any time, day or night.

    Customer Portal Dialogue

    Customer portal dialogue

    Provide your customers with the opportunity to verify their ticket status and submit any missing information around the clock.


    Chat & Chatbot

    AI-driven chatbot is accessible 24/7. It comprehends customer requests and intent and also provides optimal responses.

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    ThinkOwl Conversations

    ThinkOwl Conversations

    Design your digital customer interface and utilize Conversational AI to digitize all communication processes with customers.

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    Case Management

    Case management

    Maintain a comprehensive view and assist customers promptly and efficiently with the diverse functions available for all processes.

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    Case Structuring

    Case structuring

    Organize tickets or processes systematically based on processors, groups, prioritization, categories, or keywords for clear structuring.

    Process Forms

    Process forms

    Create category-specific or general case forms for collecting data from tickets.

    Task Management

    Task management

    A task dashboard accessible to all users for editing both ticket-related and unrelated tasks.

    Incident Management

    Incident management

    Efficiently manage and resolve incidents directly within the ticket view, enabling a structured and streamlined incident processing experience.

    Case Audit-log

    Case audit-log

    Track and monitor case changes effortlessly, ensuring transparency and accountability in every step of your workflow.

    360° customer overview

    360° customer overview

    Gain a comprehensive overview of all customer communications.

    The Group


    Streamline administration and ticket allocation by organizing your employees into groups.

    Internal Communication

    Internal communication

    Empower authorized users to communicate with multiple support teams or groups using this global feature.

    Easy administration

    Easy admin

    Configure OwlDesk to align with your requirements in just a few days, encompassing personalized content, role and rights assignments, and team communication.

    Custom Setup

    Custom setup

    Tailor the admin dashboard to your preferences with the custom setup option.

    Roles and Rights

    Roles and rights

    Specify, either individually or universally, the channels and features that each employee is authorized to use.

    Analytics & Insights

    Analytics and insights

    Leverage ThinkOwl's AI technology to capture customer topics and moods, providing you with the opportunity to respond promptly.



    Effortlessly integrate current or upcoming third-party systems through API connections.

    News Broadcast

    News broadcast

    Empower authorized users to broadcast messages to multiple support teams or groups with this universal feature.

    Time Management

    Time management

    Plan when your team is accessible for service requests and utilize time tracking to manage customer inquiries effectively.



    Rest assured, your customers' sensitive data is secure with us! We collaborate with certified German cloud providers, ensuring your team has secure access.

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    Hybrid Encryption

    Hybrid encryption

    We rely on hybrid encryption methods. They are known for their speed and suitability for handling substantial volumes of data.

    Data and Operations

    Data and operations

    Certified cloud operations with audits and security measures.

    Secure Access with SSO

    Secure access with SSO

    Single Sign On (SSO) script for secure authentication.

    2-Factor Authentication

    2-factor authentication

    Customize user security levels according to your preference. Individual configuration of 2FA is available for your choice.

    AI makes your customer service profitable


    AI makes your customer service profitable!

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