Artificial Intelligence

    Human-Machine Collaboration

    AI supports your employees with laborious tasks they otherwise would have to perform manually.

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    The next generation of service: ThinkOwl’s AI transforms the content of service inquiries into workable data and processes without manual intervention by employees.

    Automatically trigger recurring routine tasks

    ThinkOwl analyses and understands the content of every customer message and relieves your employees of ever-repeating actions and processes. In practice, this means:

    • Up to 80% of cases are automatically routed to the right expert at the right point in time.
    • In up to 95% of cases the content data required for processing is automatically dropped into input masks.
    • Thanks to intelligent workflows, ensuing tasks are automatically triggered and tracked.

    Employees receive exactly the right information in context of the case


    "AI is the steam engine of the digital revolution."

    Andreas Klug, AI strategist


    Because ThinkOwl thinks for itself


    No more searching and researching
    Your employees can see all relevant information in ThinkOwl.


    No more copying and typing
    Content data is automatically captured and structured.


    No more forwarding or follow-ups
    Approval processes and subsequent tasks are triggered automatically.


    Human-Machine Collaboration in Customer Service and Back Office

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