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    ThinkOwl's chatbot supports customers and employees alike. And it’s super easy to train.

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    That’s right. You really don’t need a data analyst to run ThinkOwl's integrated chatbot. Either define customer intents and responses yourself or feed ThinkOwl with actual chats your agents are having with customers.

    ThinkOwl Chatbot

    Get the most out of dialogs

    Chatbot lernt aus Kundendialogen

    Chatbot lernt durch Chats mit Kunden

    Train your bot with real chats

    Using ThinkOwl’s integrated chat feature is the perfect starting point for your future chatbot. Why? The real-life dialogs generate scenarios for your bot’s AI training.

    KI in ThinkOwl lernt aus Fragen

    Easier than you think

    Create template intents and keep assigning real-life examples to them. ThinkOwl’s AI learns the correlation between questions and possible responses. Your customers get what they need, in just a few clicks.

    KI in ThinkOwl erlernt Kontext zwischen Fragen und Antworten

    Kundenservice rund um die Uhr dank Chat

    Kundenservice rund um die Uhr

    Personal around the clock

    Create personalized chat experiences for your customers, any time of day or night — and room for your team to focus on the more difficult tasks instead.

    Intelligent conversations

    Human-machine collaboration:
    ThinkOwl supports your employees by suggesting suitable responses while they are chatting with customers.

    As a result, agents can handle up to five chats simultaneously, with top quality.

    ThinkOwl lernt aus Chatdialogen

    Use the real-life dialogs to make your AI chatbot a little smarter every day.

    Plus, your service is available for customers – even when your team is offline.

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