Chat Conversation

    Chat conversation, your instant connection

    OwlDesk's AI chat tool powered by conversation bots supports customers and employees alike. And it is super easy to train.
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    Chat Case in Omnichannel Inbox

    Chatbot – turn on the AI turbo 

    There is no requirement for a data analyst to operate the chat. You can either personally define customer intents and responses or input actual customer chats into the system. The bot autonomously learns from these examples through artificial intelligence and starts performing accurately.
    AI Chat Tool
    Train your bot with real chats
    AI learns the correlation between questions and possible responses
    Personalized support 24/7

    Intelligent conversations

    chat question and answer
    OwlDesk supports your employees by suggesting suitable responses while they are chatting with customers.
    intelligent chat
    Use real-life dialogues to make your AI chat software smarter every day.
    24/7 support
    Plus, your service is available for customers – even when your team is offline.