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    Customers can share documents and queries with you – right in ThinkOwl.

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    Yep, that’s right: With fileee, a free virtual assistant included in ThinkOwl, your customers can simply manage, sign and share their documents with you. The app connects directly to your ThinkOwl desk. It’s mobile self-service on a whole new level.


    What the app can do


    Share documents digitally

    Offer your customers an e-mail box to exchange documents. You save postage. They don’t have to walk to the mailbox.

    File signed applications

    Customers fill out and digitally sign forms on their smartphone, laptop or tablet. Done. And legally valid.



    Send queries via messenger

    Customers can submit queries real time. And your team responds right from ThinkOwl.

    fileee for your customers. ThinkOwl for your team.

    Create digital processes your customers will actually adopt.


    No hassle with implementation: The service app fileee is already included in ThinkOwl.

    Your benefits


    No implementation
    Simply activate the fileee customer app in ThinkOwl.


    Securely exchange content
    Customers send documents and queries directly to the ThinkOwl case.


    Shoot straight
    Your agents immediately know what’s going on.

    ThinkOwl is so much more

    More than 100,000 consumers are already using fileee. The combination of fileee and ThinkOwl creates a communication service to completely digitalize the relationship between consumers and businesses.

    Find out how the digital interaction works.

    C2B platform (consumer-to-business)

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