Case Management

    Automatically Capture Cases

    ThinkOwl’s AI identifies relevant data in every message and automatically populates a new case. 

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    Any new ticket can trigger intense dialog and complex processes. ThinkOwl automatically pools all the contextual data for you. The best part: You can easily design workflows to manage cases thereby reducing handling time from days to minutes.



    Make it easy for yourself




    Capture cases with AI

    Use ThinkOwl Designer to create specific input screens for any kind of ticket. The AI recognizes case-relevant information and personal data and populates the data fields.

    No more copying or typing for your agents.


    Augment cases with stock data

    Additionally, AI can fetch data relevant to the inquiry topic or the customer from existing systems and display it on the screen. Conversely, AI can drop data into your SAP or CRM. For your employees, this means:

    No more switching between applications on their screen.






    Trigger events from cases

    With a single click, agents review the data captured by AI and trigger subsequent events in ThinkOwl, e.g., automated workflows.

    No manual post-processing.

    ThinkOwl captures service tickets and triggers exactly the processes you want.


    Uses AI to capture tickets automatically


    Assigns them to the right expert at the right time


    Displays additional contextual data on your screen.

    Finally. A customer service that pays off.

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