Case Management

    Customer case management is made easy

    Experience the next generation of support ticket management! Our AI identifies relevant data in every message (customer inquiries), automatically initiating a new process in OwlDesk. Your service team will have all the essential information on the screen for prompt and informed responses.

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    Case Management: All cases in one inbox

    Automatically record service requests 

    Each customer message has the potential to initiate in-depth dialogues and intricate processes. OwlDesk consolidates all contextually relevant information into a ticket (process or case). The standout feature: You can effortlessly tailor the process recording yourself, actively contributing to customer satisfaction at every step.
    Ai-based case management
    Data Extraction
    Enrich processes with Data
    Trigger Actions

    OwlDesk assigns the right expert at the right moment

    Automatically record service processes with AI ...
    Customer Service
    … assign exactly the right expert at exactly the right moment …
    ... and display the relevant additional information on the screen.