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    Automate Your Workflows

    Guide your team through case processing and automatically trigger actions.

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    Workflow Automation

    Service processes can get rather complicated, at times. You need to prompt tasks or pose follow-up questions. You have to send confirmation to the customers and schedule when to give them a status update. ThinkOwl's automated workflows help you and your team deliver exceptional support, faster.

    Workflows automatisieren dank KI

    With ThinkOwl’s intelligent workflows, you can individually manage processes and responsibilities in customer service. It’s easy. No programming needed. Simply define the tasks and rules for service processes yourself. You can even trigger actions in ThinkOwl or in your existing systems.

    ThinkOwl makes it super easy to design workflows yourself


    Defining dispatcher rules

    You can define conditions – so-called dispatcher rules – for dispatching service processes and performing actions automatically. 

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    Creating event triggers

    Define instances that will automatically trigger activities – so-called event triggers.

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    Business process modeling

    Plan and manage business processes in service and back-office from start to end, across departments, and with clear and easy-to-understand workflow management.

    Executing scenarios

    You can even combine events and conditions to design multi-step processes – so-called scenarios.

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    What does it mean for you?

    set standards

    Set standards

    By automating routine tasks, for instance, new cases, changes, or orders.


    Reduce errors
    By defining rules for executing service processes.


    Save on training
    Intelligent workflow management guides your employees through the processing steps

    ThinkOwl's integrated BPMN Process Designer


    Checklists and approvals

    Use business process modeling (e.g., for capturing phone requests) or conditional approval workflows (e.g., four-eyes principle when processing refunds) to support your employees in case handling as much as possible.

    Interaction with external systems

    Manage the exchange of relevant data with legacy systems via web services or ThinkOwl’s standard integrations.

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    About Workflow Automation

    Workflow automation refers to the automation of work or business processes to increase efficiency. It defines procedures and responsibilities. The software then takes over the further steps for case handling, such as the assignment of responsibilities, priorities, and the creation of response templates.

    Business processes can also be mapped. One speaks of a business process when different tasks converge for achieving an objective. In customer service, the business process begins with the customer inquiry and ends with the successful processing of the case.

    The Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is particularly suitable for mapping business processes. It's a graphical specification language in process management. BPMN simplifies the modeling and documentation of workflows and business processes.