Workflow Automation

    Workflow automation for your business

    Service processes can become intricate, requiring task prompts or follow-up inquiries. Managing confirmations to customers and scheduling status updates also add to the complexity. OwlDesk's automated workflows streamline these tasks, enabling you and your team to provide outstanding support with greater speed and efficiency. Lead your team through case processing effortlessly and initiate actions automatically.

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    Workflow Automation
    Process Designer

    Automate your workflows

    With OwlDesk’s intelligent workflows, you can manage processes and responsibilities in customer service. It is super-easy. No programming is needed. Simply define the tasks and rules for service processes. You can even trigger actions in OwlDesk or in your existing systems.
    Automate Workflows
    Defining Dispatcher Rules
    Event triggers and actions
    Business Process Modeling
    Executing Scenarios
    case routing
    integration with external systems

    What does it mean for you?

    Set standards
    Set standards
    by automating routine tasks, for instance, new cases, changes, or orders.
    Reduce errors
    Reduce errors
    by defining rules for executing service processes.
    Save time on training
    Save on training as
    intelligent workflow management guides your employees through the processing steps.