Futuristic. Holistic.

    A whole new level of integration:
    ThinkOwl becomes your legacy systems' AI brain.

    Forget about torturous integration attempts.
    ThinkOwl is the only app your employees need to use.
    It becomes your gateway to all other systems.



    ThinkOwl is future-proof and easily integrates with your and clients’ legacy systems.

    ThinkOwl API allows displaying information from existing systems when relevant to the case at hand.
    What’s more, you can transfer the customer data ThinkOwl extracted back into those systems.


    Our API enables you to develop virtually any integration yourself. Now or in the future.


    From your employees’ perspective:

    No more switching to other enterprise applications. ThinkOwl becomes your one and only interface. Connect ThinkOwl to other applications your employees use every day.

    From your point of view:

    Forget about tedious integration endeavors. They are expensive and rarely fit for the future. With our documented APIs, you can display information or capture case data in context of the case being processed.

    As a result, your team can process entire cases and trigger processes without having to access any other enterprise application. 


    Your legacy system isn’t included?


    Develop your own connection to legacy systems.
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    We make it fit

    ThinkOwl is your centralized service desktop. Now and forever.

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