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ThinkOwl can be pretty much anything
you want it to be.

Integrate ThinkOwl with any other application your team uses everyday.

With our documented APIs, connect seamlessly to any other application.

Your agents can manage tickets and trigger workflows without leaving their central helpdesk.

Secure operations - endless possibilities

No more switching between applications. 

  • Read access: Based on case type and context, automatically display information from third-party systems right on your agents’ ThinkOwl interface.
  • Write access: Identify relevant entry fields to feed case contents back to third-party systems — directly from your ThinkOwl desk.
  • CRM and voice integration: ThinkOwl’s integration layer paves the way for future integrations, with maximum flexibility and security.
ThinkOwl - Helpdesk Integration Server


Future-proof: In addition to the existing apps in the market, ThinkOwl can be integrated within your communications and data infrastructure.