3rd party software integration

    Integration refers to the process of combining different software systems and applications to work seamlessly together. OwlDesk easily creates connections to your existing systems and makes you independent of complex integration projects. You can make OwlDesk the central application for your team.

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    3rd party software integration

    Future-oriented and flexible 

    OwlDesk can be easily and cost-effectively connected to your company's or your clients' existing systems. Utilize the OwlDesk API to present information from 3rd party systems within the context of ongoing processes and seamlessly transfer customer data extracted by OwlDesk into those systems.
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    All options open

    Standard API
    Standard API
    Use the numerous standard APIs in OwlDesk.
    Developer API
    Developer API
    Create a connection to your existing systems yourself.
    Special Integration
    We make it suitable
    Do you need a special integration? Contact us.