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    How ThinkOwl’s AI works

    Say sayonara to traditional software. Power your service desk with AI.

    Independent of language and structure, ThinkOwl analyses the content of all incoming messages. 

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    How to start

    Using self-learning (patented) algorithms, the system recognizes patterns. ThinkOwl’s AI keeps gaining a higher degree of efficiency based on agents’ feedback on extracting and processing relevant data.

    ThinkOwl learns

    By bringing people and AI together to simplify your workflows.

    How AI in ThinkOwl learns

    The principle of reciprocal intelligence: ThinkOwl continually learns from your service experts’ reactions. And your experts are constantly supported by ThinkOwl. As a result, everyone grows a little smarter every day.

    Finally, a software that thinks for itself

    Easier to manage – faster results

    Customer feels appreciated

    Customers feel appreciated
    because your service runs smoothly.

    empowered customer service agents

    Agents feel like rock stars because they are empowered to resolve cases faster.

    Management reports

    With 360-degree intel on productivity and customers, management is confident about the future.

    How to get started

    For ThinkOwl to precisely identify your routine customer service processes and intelligently extract relevant data for further processing, you need an adequate pool of sample cases – and a little patience.

    Think big – start small

    • Choose a small expert team of, let’s say, three employees
    • Focus on one communication channel (e.g., email)
    • Together, pick the two or three topic categories that come up the most (routine questions, such as updating customer data or delivery date)
    Start with small team
    Match up processes and content

    Match up processes and content

    • Daily define the series of tasks emerging from your inquiries: What content data is captured from the emails to process the customer inquiries? Which responses are you giving repeatedly?
    • Use ThinkOwl Designer to create appropriate input masks for essential content data (so-called “case forms”).

    Train by examples

    The most important step is the initial training of each category through examples of customer conversations.

    • Send tickets to your ThinkOwl inbox. Ensure your expert team assigns the cases to the right categories and transfers the required data to the input masks.
    • ThinkOwl begins to recognize content after only a few examples. After 80 to 100 exemplary customer emails in the same category, the recognition gets really good. Important: Be sure NOT to choose emails with a mix of topics.
    • Of course, you can manually set conditions too. However, this is not required for AI training. Learn more.
    train by examples
    test with additional emails

    Test with additional emails

    • Now you are ready to send more emails to ThinkOwl. You will notice ThinkOwl automatically identifies customer emails – as long as they fall into one of the trained categories – and automagically begins to assign the required content data to the right input fields.
    • Note: Simple training shows a notable effect. Nevertheless, it won't reach the recognition rates that make ThinkOwl so exceptional until the system is actually running the AI.


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