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How to Start

Our guide to implementing ThinkOwl:
Feel the power of artificial intelligence, right from takeoff.

ThinkOwl watches and remembers how you interact with your customers.
The more you use ThinkOwl, the quicker it can learn how to be like you —
only better, beyond what’s humanly possible.

Four shortcuts for starters:

Start with one channel

Focus on one communication channel first, then gradually add more channels as you and your customers grow familiar with ThinkOwl.

Top agents ahead

ThinkOwl trains itself by emulating how your agents behave and respond to your customers, so let the AI learn from your best humans.

Supercharge it with useful data

For ultimate performance, fuel ThinkOwl with your most valuable data, documents and articles, so it can give you the ideal solution at the optimal time.

Onward. It’s working.

You can’t always see it to believe it, but ThinkOwl automatically self-optimizes with every new interaction. So persevere, and you’ll begin to feel the upwind under your AI wings.

Let AI lend you wings.

Use ThinkOwl right. Right from the start —
and watch your business soar to new heights.

What to expect from ThinkOwl

Automated handling of recurring tasks

Quicker resolution, happier customers

Smarter decision-making based on actionable data