AI-powered Service Desk Software
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    Efficient customer communication:
    AI-supported from the secure cloud

    Would you like to make your customer support easier, faster, and more efficient? OwlDesk is a reliable partner for your service team.
    easy installation

    Easy installation

    OwlDesk can be quickly integrated into existing systems – simple and flexible for any system environment.
    Fast ROI

    Fast ROI

    Thanks to AI and simple integration, your investments will pay off quickly. Our "Live-in-Five" model makes implementation fast and easy.
    AI support

    AI support

    Innovative AI technology ensures increased productivity, motivated service teams, and satisfied customers.
    data security

    High security standards

    Ensuring the utmost priority on data security, OwlDesk provides a dependable foundation with state-of-the-art security technology.
    Excellent customer experience

    Excellent customer experience

    Delight with OwlDesk by orchestrating flawless customer interactions. Satisfied customers guarantee the success of your company.
    relief for your team

    Relief for your team

    AI aids and alleviates your service team from mundane tasks. OwlDesk serves as the central interface, streamlining and saving valuable time.
    Self Service
    Process Automation
    Case Management
    Intelligent Response
    OwlDesk earns the trust of our valued customers
    Testimonial of Normen Deutschmann
    "We've substantially enhanced our service efficiency by elevating categorization quality from 48 to 64 percent. This not only saves multiple processing steps but also valuable time. As a result, we're better equipped to handle the increased volume of inquiries."
    Normen Deutschmann
    Product Owner Service Capabilities, EnBW AG
    Testimonial of Marcel Zahn
    "Significant improvements in efficiency have been realized with the existing team, all without the need for additional staff. The search times have been significantly reduced, for example, due to intelligent answers. I alone save 2-3 hours per day thanks to automated categorization of emails."
    Marcel Zahn
    Leiter Kundenbetreuung Beschläge, Roto Frank Professional Service GmbH
    Testimonial of Gabrielle Tölle
    "The rapid introduction of the project was certainly a very nice personal success. When the key figures suddenly increased rapidly after a few months after the first iteration of the process, we knew that we were on the right track."
    Gabriele Tölle
    Leiterin E2E-Prozesse, LBS Westdeutsche Landesbausparkasse
    Testimonial of Danielle Baker
    "At first, we didn't really want to believe in the AI hype. But thanks to a precision rate of over 90 percent in workflow automation, we were actually able to grow our business significantly."
    Danielle Baker
    Betriebsleiterin, Odyssey Logistics
    "The more data you give ThinkOwl, the more accurate it will be."
    Scott Sullivan
    Chief Information Officer, PittOhio
    "My team and I really enjoy working with ThinkOwl."
    Shiedah Johnson
    Service Managment, XPO Logistics
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    Want to use the full potential of ThinkOwl?

    Combine OwlDesk with the AI power of OwlForce!
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