Maximize Service Agents' Efficiency With Intelligent Suggestions

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) assists support agents in their daily work, their efficiency and productivity dramatically increase. And nothing beats it if they are using any robust service desk software that is backed by artificial intelligence technology. 

An AI-powered service desk comes with many features and functionalities. One of the smart features is Intelligent Suggestions

Intelligent suggestions are AI recommendations that help support agents solve customer problems swiftly. How? By recommending intelligent cases, providing smart responses, and suggesting expert users. These functionalities driven by AI within your customer support software like ThinkOwl help your support teams provide accurate resolutions to customer queries in the shortest time. 

How do Intelligent Suggestions work?

Let us understand intelligent suggestions with the help of a scenario.

Imagine a customer is seeking clarity about their return and refund request. According to the client, the issue has been pending for a long time and needs immediate action. After reading the client’s message, Luke, the customer service representative, needs clarification about the appropriate resolution strategy. This is where Intelligent Suggestions come into the scene, and Luke takes the help of it to resolve the client’s issue. Here is how.

Instance 1: The AI instantly suggests a list of cases similar to Luke’s that have been resolved in the past, along with the relevant knowledge articles shared with the clients. Referring to these similar cases (also known as intelligent cases), Luke carefully sees how the case was solved, what measures were taken to solve it, and various other aspects. Now Luke has a complete idea about the approach he needs to adopt to resolve the current case regarding return and refund.

Instance 2: Luke still needs further clarity. He looks for a few suggestions from the AI regarding how he should respond to the client. As expected, the AI also has a list of responses, also known as smart responses. Luke sees the past message templates and rhetoric used to resolve such cases. Now, instead of drafting a brand new message, Luke adopts and utilizes a smart response as suggested by the AI to address the client. 

Instance 3: For Luke, that’s not enough yet. He further approaches the expert users as suggested by AI (these are the names of support agents who have worked on similar cases in the past) to confirm the approach he plans to adopt to resolve the case. Luke talks to them about the current ticket he is working on and asks for their advice. Luke successfully resolves the case after getting clarity and validation from all corners.

As the scenario above shows, the software’s AI learns from observing how agents solve various cases. More cases observed translate to further refinement of the AI’s suggestions. Soon enough, AI will become capable of assisting agents by providing intelligent suggestions in the form of intelligent cases, smart responses, and expert users. 

Intelligent Suggestions and its various Functionalities

Intelligent Cases: To solve a problem, the AI may suggest actions that have been taken in similar cases in the past to resolve the current issue. Service reps also receive articles from within their knowledge base and other resources from intelligent suggestions.

Smart Responses: The AI records all customer communication and learns from history. Over time, the system begins providing a list of pre-saved and previously used responses to agents who can utilize the suggestions to solve tickets faster and more efficiently.

Expert Users: In case of complicated customer issues, agents may need handholding or guidance from someone who has already dealt with a similar issue. The AI provides agents with a list of “expert users” (people who have worked on similar cases). Agents can collaborate and receive personal guidance on how to solve complicated tickets.

AI-powered digital customer service software improves every aspect of customer service operations. Intelligent suggestions anticipate customer needs, provide real-time guidance to agents, and automate routine tasks, transforming your support center.

Whatever industry you belong to, if you wish to foster a customer-centric culture and deliver the best service and support, try using ThinkOwl AI-powered Service Desk Software. It will delight your valued clients at every touchpoint and throughout their journey with your brand.  



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