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Integrating ThinkOwl’s Chat Tool For Conversational CX

In this insightful blog, we will delve into the ever-evolving world of chat, a communication channel that has fundamentally changed how we interact, connect, and collaborate in this digital era. We will explore the impact of AI bots, also known as conversation bots, and how they enhance the effectiveness of chat as a powerful communication channel. Let us begin.


Maximize Service Agents' Efficiency With Intelligent Suggestions

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) assists support agents in their daily work, their efficiency and productivity dramatically increase. And nothing beats it if they are using any robust service desk software that is backed by artificial intelligence technology. 


Unveiling Tomorrow's Customer Support Landscape — A 2024 Preview

The days of robotic phone menus and scripted interactions with faceless agents are over. In the coming days (2024 and beyond), customer service is getting a full-fledged makeover, fueled by cutting-edge tech and a laser focus on building more profound, meaningful customer connections.


Contact Center’s Secret Formula To Ensure Excellent Customer Experience

Creating the best experience for customers may sound like a tall order to some, but that’s not really the case. When planned and executed well, a good customer experience (CX) adds value to your brand, increases your customer base, promotes loyalty, thus increasing customer lifetime value (CLV), and with it your businesses’ turnover.


2022 and Beyond: Join The Customer Experience Renaissance

The origin of customer experience (CX) as a differentiator can be traced to Japan during the 1950s. Before that, businesses and industries focussed on meeting production targets and restricted themselves to fulfilling the basic demands of people.


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