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    The only constant is change. That’s how we roll around here. We collaborate with our community of partners to develop new ideas and features every day. Together, we design ThinkOwl to be exactly the customer service software you’ve always fantasized about. 

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    You’re part of the global growth market of AI software.

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    You profit from recurring revenue generated through service and licensing.

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    Our partner desk provides expert support with integration projects.

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    You’re listed as a partner and gain access to ThinkOwl prospects.

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    You get up to ten user licenses for free or at a highly reduced cost.

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    You’re part of our international community.

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    Solution Partner

    Solution partners

    … are ThinkOwl-certified businesses that help you with optimal configuration and a smooth launch.

    Integration partners

    Integration partners

    … are solution partners who, in addition, connect ThinkOwl to your organization’s legacy systems using our API.

    Referral partners

    Referral partners

    … are IT experts, consultants and portal operators who give recommendations and forge connections.

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    Together, we deliver AI to service and back office workplaces around the world. So knowledge work becomes easy and productive.

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