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ThinkOwl FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is when you simulate human intelligence processes by machines. This includes learning (acquire data and use it), reasoning (apply the rules to conclude) and self-correction. Machines learn and self-optimize over time with AI. For ThinkOwl users, AI reduces manual intervention, automates business processes and provides intelligent suggestions. In short, AI makes life easy!

What is customer-service software?

The customer-service software is the bridge between you and your customers. It offers you with pro-active, assisted, and self-service support to handle customer queries. A good customer service software improves customer satisfaction.

What is ThinkOwl?

ThinkOwl is a help desk software that enables you to build stronger relationships with your customers through the powerful combination of human intelligence and AI. Read more.

Why should I choose ThinkOwl?

ThinkOwl takes your customer happiness to the next level. ThinkOwl offers advanced helpdesk software that increases your customer satisfaction by reducing their wait times, with quick automated replies. Also, it helps you to reduce your costs incurred in your organization. Know more here.

How is ThinkOwl different from other helpdesk software products in the market?

Majority of helpdesk software players follow rule-based workflow automation which is like an "if-this-then-that" approach. Once you introduce AI to this, it leverages machine learning to identify patterns and create solutions that can understand user behavior. Thus, the AI factor enables ThinkOwl to automate your processes thereby reducing manual intervention, so that you and your team can focus on more challenging tasks.

How does ThinkOwl boost my business in the long term?

In the long term, ThinkOwl can help you grow your business in many ways like:
1. Revenue - Reduced costs and increased profits
2. Employee satisfaction - No overload, machines work instead.
3. Better brand image - Positive reviews for your company with customer happiness.
4. Strategy formulations - Analytics enables you to understand where to invest and where to not.
We're sure trying ThinkOwl will be one of the best business decisions of your life.

Why is customer service software important to me?

Customer service is essential to get happy customers, and for that, you need an efficient software to manage your customers. With this software, you don't have to open multiple windows and track the customer queries from multiple channels. All you have to do is add all your facebook pages, twitter mentions, and email ID's etc. to your account. Answer all your customer queries from different channels with no limitation.

Which languages are supported by ThinkOwl?

ThinkOwl currently offers the following user interface languages: English, German, Dutch, Polish, and Turkish. The latter two are provided by a third party. They may be used as is.
Additional languages may be supported.

How can I choose different languages for my account?

Click on the top right icon - user information. Select language of your choice from the drop-down.

My office is located in multiple locations across the globe, can I access Thinkowl from everywhere?

Yes, of course. Since Thinkowl is a cloud-based web application, you can use it from anywhere across the world.

What are the technical requirements for ThinkOwl setup?

Setting up ThinkOwl requires:
1. Meeting the minimum hardware (Memory) requirements for the operating system
2. Installing the latest Chrome or Firefox browser version
3. Enabling JavaScript
4. Enabling Cookies
5. Enabling LocalStorage
6. TLS v1.0 or above

Is my data safe and secure with ThinkOwl?

Yes. We assure security with our enterprise-grade security solution, which is integrated into our product, platform, and processes. Learn more.

What is an Omnichannel experience?

Omni-channel experience means you can access multiple channels (such as email, phone, social, chat, etc.) from a single platform.

Product Features

How does ThinkOwl automate my business processes?

ThinkOwl automates your business processes with the inbuilt workflows (BPMN processes), and intelligent suggestions. You can add as many custom business processes as you want under admin (productivity) section, as per your business requirements.Read more.

What is the data storage limit per user?

ThinkOwl accounts have one global total storage capacity, which is calculated based on plan and number of named, full-time user seats. This capacity covers all storage, i.e. any configuration data and user data, including but not limited to Knowledge assets and reporting data. Listed storage capacity per user is not actual personal storage capacity, but is used to determine the storage capacity for the entire account. The storage capacities are:
1. Free Trial - 250MB
2. Silver - 2GB
3. Gold - 5GB
4. Platinum - 10GB
5. Diamond - 15GB.

What if I exceed the storage limit of my ThinkOwl account? Will I be charged extra?

Once you exceed the storage limit for your plan, you would not be able to upload any further documents/articles. Upgrade your plan if you need more storage.

What is a Standard Guided mode in ThinkOwl?

Standard Guided mode is a mode where users do not manually pick the next case to work on. Instead, the next case is pushed to the user based on user and/or group assignments and the order of the inbox.

What is an Intelligent Guided Mode in ThinkOwl?

Intelligent Guided Mode is a mode where users do not manually pick the next case to work on. Instead, ThinkOwl pushes cases to the user, determined by artificial intelligence that takes many factors into account without needing to configure complex rules.

Can ThinkOwl automatically assign cases to users?

Yes, ThinkOwl can automatically assigns the cases to agents based on the dispatcher rules you define.

Plans and Pricing

How does the free trial work?

During your 30-day free trial, you can explore the premium features of our Platinum plan without any obligations. Some feature limitations may apply. To buy a plan that's right for your business, simply choose a plan from your account (Payments section), and upgrade. Still confused? Request a demo here.

How do I switch between plans?

Switching between plans is easy. You can upgrade anytime. If you wish to downgrade, you can do so at the time of subscription renewal. Still confused? Request a demo here.

How do I decide which plan works for me?

If you're the Do-It-Yourself kinds, you get to test all product features in your 30-day free trial. Refer the compare plans page and see what suits your team. If you're not, give us a heads-up and we'll make sure there's a ThinkOwl Product Specialist to call you and understand your needs. Book a session now.

Is there any user limit for ThinkOwl plans?

No. There is no user limit for ThinkOwl plans. You can add as many users as you want for any of the plans. Know more about ThinkOwl plans and pricing here.

What are your billing cycles and payment options?

You can choose between monthly and annual billing. A discount is available for customers who pay upfront for a yearly subscription (excludes add-ons). We accept payments via VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Credit cards, or you can request an invoice.

What is the attachment size limit for cases?

The attachment size limit for Cases varies based on plan type as
1. Silver plan - 1MB
2. Gold plan - 10MB
3. Platinum - 15MB
4. Diamond Plan - 15MB.

Does ThinkOwl offer concurrent user licenses?

No. ThinkOwl's licensing model is based on the monthly or annual fee per user.

Can I purchase licenses for different plans for different users within the same ThinkOwl account?

No. ThinkOwl plans offer access to functionality at the account level but not at the user level. You can assign user roles, which would restrict access to certain features for individual users. However, you can always pick the best plan for your team based on your needs.


What is API rate limit?

API refers to Application Program Interface. The API rate limit indicates your server communication with ThinkOwl API for any data exchange.

How are API rate limits defined?

ThinkOwl allows a certain number of API requests per minute per account. The rate limit varies by plan and is specific to the type of request.

What happens when the request limit is exceeded?

When you reach the API rate limit, no further calls will be processed for a certain amount of time, and ThinkOwl will return a "Too Many Requests" message. After the delay time has passed, further requests can be made again.

What are the API rate limits for each ThinkOwl plan and the free trial?

The API rate limits for each plan are: Gold Plan - 400 RPM; Platinum Plan - 600 RPM; Diamond Plan - 750 RPM. The free trial does not include API calling (for API integration, please choose a paid plan).

Can I integrate ThinkOwl with third-party applications? If yes, how?

Yes, you can use the ThinkOwl integration server for any integration with third-party applications. Read more.

Does ThinkOwl provide a public API?

Yes, ThinkOwl provides a public API for customers.

Which ThinkOwl modules offer a public API?

All ThinkOwl modules, including discover, customer portal, etc., provide a public API.

Can I operate ThinkOwl in my private cloud?

Not for now. Presently, ThinkOwl operates via public cloud application.


Which add-ons are available for ThinkOwl?

You can find the list of add-ons on ThinkOwl compare plans page.

What is the billing cycle for ThinkOwl add-ons?

ThinkOwl add-ons are billed monthly and paid per user/seat.

What is a ThinkOwl credit?

When you recommend ThinkOwl to your friends and they make a purchase, you earn ThinkOwl credits. You can use the credits to enable some amazing features, such as an additional training cycle of an AI component and more.

What is the value of 1 ThinkOwl Credit?

1 ThinkOwl credit = 1 Euro.

How can I spend a ThinkOwl credit?

You can use the credit to enjoy additional features in your existing plan, such as a training cycle, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

What is a Dispatcher Owl?

Dispatcher Owl classifies your incoming messages and assigns cases to the right user at the right time. Its self-learning abilities ensure that it gets better at assigning cases as you use ThinkOwl.

What is a Semantic Owl?

Semantic Owl understands message content, finds and automatically extracts relevant data before a case gets opened so that your users immediately have the right information at their disposal when they start working on a case. The beauty of this? It requires no programming because it is self-learning. All you need to do is define intelligent case fields, have your users manually enter data in the beginning.

What is a Chat Owl?

Chat Owl offers the perfect marriage between human and machine intelligence by providing smart suggestions on how to respond to a customer’s chat message as and when needed.

What is a Discovery Owl?

Discovery Owl intelligently analyses the topics about which your customers communicate so that you can learn more about what your customers want and turn insights into actionable knowledge.

What is an Assistant Owl?

Assistant Owl suggests the most applicable canned responses and knowledge files for a particular case, lists possible expert users that may be able to help out and points out which cases have similarities with the current one for easy reference.

Does ThinkOwl automatically extract keywords from incoming cases?

Yes, the extracted fields are named as intelligent case fields in ThinkOwl. ThinkOwl automates the data extraction eventually. Before which, training would be required for the system to understand the pattern of manual case field entries.

Why do I have to spend multiple credits on some of the AI training cycles?

AI training cycles consume a large number of valuable computing resources for an extended period. To achieve the best results, ThinkOwl performs an enormous amount of calculations. Some plans include 1 training cycle per month. If you would like to purchase additional training cycles, you can do so using credits or by paying extra.


How can I customize my desk?

You can manage your entire ThinkOwl application by simply customizing your desks. A desk can be different from another desk with different channels, timezones, rules, knowledge base, intelligence, and integrations. In terms of visual representation, you can set different fonts, and colors for different desks.

Can I customize attachment size limits?

No. But, If you want to send the file that exceeds these limits, you can send a hyperlink by hosting the file on some other site.