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7 Tips To Optimize Your Customer Onboarding Plan

For many businesses, especially those that generate revenue through subscriptions, customer onboarding is a task they pay a lot of attention to. This process is gaining popularity and importance on par with customer experience (CX). It is a critical step in the customer journey and a key element in making your customer’s experience value-driven and delightful. In this blog, we will see how to optimize your customer onboarding and make it a memorable experience for your clients.


Why Is VOC Critical To Every Business (How To Obtain It)

In most businesses, the quality of customer experience is a critical differentiating factor against competitors. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate any risks in the harsh competitive market and obtain great insights into your customer demography. Let’s find out how to do this.


How To Positively Impact Your Customers? Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Ace Customer Experience

A good first impression makes a lasting impression. But what does it take to impact your customers positively? An impact that lasts long and is greatly appreciated by your clients. What do impacting customers have in common with CX and your company’s performance? Let’s find out.


Are Online Shoppers Ghosting Your Business? Here's How To Break The Jinx

Ask any entrepreneur about their biggest nightmare—customer ghosting would probably top the list. What is ghosting? Are you bewildered when perfectly happy clients suddenly go incognito or ghost your brand? What triggers such behavior? How can you prevent your customers from ghosting? Let’s find out.


15 Customer Service Traps That Derail Growth

It’s never been more challenging to manage the balance between customers' desire for excellent service and businesses' need for more insight-driven action. Since customers control the pursestrings of businesses, companies need to build the trust that customers will get worthwhile benefits for partnering with them.

Thus, a symbiotic relationship is established between a brand and its customer. The brand provides solutions and value to the customer, and the customer provides revenue and growth to the brand. What sustains the relationship? Meaningful engagement, along with prompt and efficient service, nurtures customer relationships.


Helpful Tips To Map Your Customer Journey Correctly

In our previous article, we discussed how to create a customer journey. From awareness, consideration, conversion, retention, and advocacy, journey maps document the user’s journey through your product/service. It resembles a storyboard and maps your user’s journey through different stages and emotions. Read the article here.


Customer Journey Mapping Is The Way To Your Customer’s Heart

Predicting a customer journey, also known as customer journey mapping, is a fascinating process. If you are a business owner, you must have encountered surprise visitors (first-time website visitors for online businesses and new walk-ins for brick-and-mortar establishments). It’s a wonderful feeling if these visitors become your customers. Isn’t it? Can you visualize that process? Visitors, or people without idea who you are, become aware of you and your brand’s existence.


How To Ensure Complete Customer Success With Customer Education

To deliver winning customer outcomes at scale, you need to improve product adoption, reduce customer churn, and drive account expansions with best-in-class predictive insights and prescriptive guidance. This blog is for you if you believe in providing value and think that customer success is more of a calling than just a job.

In this article, we explain how to provide trusted, top-rated customer success with a detailed customer education program that can help clients besides creating a fulfilling and positive experience for all customer-facing teams.


Connect Your Instagram Business Account With ThinkOwl To Source Customer Inquiries

Another new feather on the cap! Instagram has been integrated into ThinkOwl, the AI-powered helpdesk software that facilitates multichannel digital communication.

If your Instagram business account is connected to the software, ThinkOwl can now create cases from various Instagram entities, such as Posts, Stories, Comments, and Direct Messages (DM).

From a customer service point of view, this integration is very crucial. Here is why!