Top Reasons Your Support Center Needs Smart Tools For Managing Service Operations

Today’s consumers expect a lot from your brand, from speedy self-service to personalized interactions. For most modern customers, more than the product, it’s the overall experience across all brand touchpoints that matters most. 

And your ability to deliver a positive experience hinges on access to accurate, in-the-moment customer data, blending your digital experience with the customer’s chosen communication channel, and maintaining clear transparent communication with all business stakeholders. 

To meet rising expectations, most organizations prefer designing their core objectives to ensure fantastic experiences for clients and support teams. 

But more is needed. Adopting industry standard best practices in your day-to-day business functions is an excellent way to positively influence your customers’ journey across multiple touchpoints. But your business needs more than just a clear vision and mission to be regarded as a champion. 

That is because customer service experiences are still very frustrating for most consumers.

Consider this statistic: 80 percent of customers churn due to dissatisfaction with service quality. Building loyalty and satisfaction with the right tech is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. A Forrester study found that over 70 percent of CX decision-makers feel resolving customer issues across digital channels and acting on competitive insights is very important.

Ensuring a frictionless journey and meaningful outcome for your customers implies being with them through every step of their journey and proactively assisting them. Your customers want to know how you can help them – answer a question, solve a problem, fulfill a requirement, make things easier – and ultimately want you to keep that promise. 

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, this blog tells you why your customer support teams must utilize helpdesk software and how it can be a game-changer among other competing brands.   

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Why Customer Support Teams Need Helpdesk Software

AI-powered digital customer service solutions like helpdesk software can improve every aspect of your business, including online customer experiences, engagement, loyalty, brand reputation, and data security, besides broadening the scope of your revenue streams. 

In addition, AI sets new standards in client servicing and empowers your support agents to excel in their day-to-day activities, improving service quality and organizational efficiency.

Benefits Of Using Helpdesk Software For Customer Service

  • Creates a customer-focused culture with a proactive approach to service. 
  • Facilitates clear communication with clients and backend teams.
  • Empowers employees to make crucial decisions and helps your brand grow sustainably.
  • Creates a wholesome experience for your clients and support teams. 
  • Strengthens your brand’s commitment to continuous improvement. 

    Let us understand in detail why businesses need helpdesk software to serve and support customers.

Address Customer Queries Across Multiple Channels

Thanks to digitalization, multiple communication channels are a reality today. From telephones to chat messages via conversation bots, emails, direct messages on messenger applications, and posts on social media — consumers can make their voices heard by brands in a variety of ways. 

While it’s natural for consumers to want to connect with brands on their channel of choice and at their own pace, brands must manage and oversee all communication channels to ensure the accuracy of solutions provided and guarantee process efficiency.    

Now the question arises how to manage customer communication across so many channels? A unified console that gives you a 360-degree view of your customer inquiries coming from multiple channels into a multichannel case inbox and helps support agents manage queries from various channels.

Service teams can rely on helpdesk software to provide seamless assistance and memorable experiences to their customers. Whatever the channel, you can be confident of never having to miss listening to the voice of your customers

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Hassle-Free Round-The-Clock Support From Anywhere

In today’s connected world, businesses that prioritize clients and try to be present for them irrespective of time zones and geographical boundaries are successful.  

Cloud-based helpdesk makes geographical distances redundant and brings teams worldwide on a common ground, facilitating communication and productivity wherever they are to achieve a common goal of providing customers with top-quality service and dependable support. 

It eliminates the need for installing bulky on-premise systems and can be accessed worldwide on any computer connected to the Internet.

Your customer requests can come in at any time throughout the day. And noncomplicated tickets like information requests and customer requests received outside business hours can be taken care of by AI-powered conversation bots

With appropriate training, not only does the conversation bot understand customer inquiries and intentions, but it also provides the best answers.

Additionally, clients can utilize self-service to obtain their desired resolutions and ease pressure on support agents by not involving them in easy-to-resolve customer requests. 

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Sort A Multitude Of Cases Automatically

A typical scenario in most modern contact centers is having too many customer requests/complaints and needing more resources or workforce to attend to them. If the tickets are not attended to on time, your brand will have a backlog of cases pending resolution.  

So, when your contact center receives over a thousand tickets and customer information queries, what’s the right way to handle all those tickets? Do agents have to go through each case and segregate them individually? Certainly not.

Smart features like automatic sorting and automatic classification of cases ensure tickets are auto-classified to the correct categories and then assigned to the right agents in the right departments, and that reduces the service delivery time significantly. 

When your brand’s support team receives a customer ticket, at first, the system analyzes the content of the message to determine what type of ticket has come in. After determining the category of the customer request, the helpdesk routes the ticket to agents who are qualified to handle such requests.

This entire process is successfully carried out by the helpdesk software based on pre-defined automation rules and with the assistance of artificial intelligence

This is not all. Powerful helpdesk software can help your customer service teams resolve commonly asked questions with the automated responses feature — without the involvement of any live agent at all. 


Helpdesk Software Facilitates Easy Customer Communication

Acknowledging and replying to huge volumes of messages can be a challenging and time-consuming task for your support teams. There are various reasons why responding to customer messages can be time-consuming. Consider the following scenarios.

  1. After receiving a ticket, service agents could search for cases (similar to the one received) that have been resolved in the past as a reference.
  2. Or, your agents could be looking for responses provided to previously received similar types of cases.
  3. Sometimes, when solutions are not readily available, an agent could end up looking for an expert to help them resolve the case at hand.

All three scenarios mentioned here are time-consuming and do not provide instantaneous responses to customer issues.

Then, how can organizations overcome this challenge of delayed responses? Simple! Helpdesk software with smart responses and intelligent suggestions can improve the timeliness and efficiency of your brand’s customer communication besides personalizing customer interactions. 

For instance, artificial intelligence (AI) in helpdesk software can analyze which smart responses and knowledge articles have been used for similar cases in the past, and then it provides intelligent suggestions to the agents. The agents only have to select a suitable suggestion while replying to a customer message. If your customer support team members want to refer to cases that are similar to the one he is currently working on, AI recommends those as well.

Also, readily available templates for customer messages and even emails ensure all your outgoing communication related to client support maintains a standard voice, tone, and structure. Admins can control the use of readymade response templates by configuring them for a specific group, channel, or language. The templates can also be edited and customized as necessary.

Using readily available response templates in your helpdesk software helps you get the best out of your team with minimal supervision.    
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Designing Complex Workflows Is Made Easy With Automation

Isn’t it frustrating to manually complete all tasks? Not only is it time-consuming, but it also creates undue pressure on your
support teams. 

With an intelligent AI-powered helpdesk by your side, managing complex customer service processes and streamlining workflows becomes super easy. You can now plan and manage business processes across multiple departments without bothering your customer care teams. in service ,back-office from start to end, with clear and easy-to-understand workflow management.  

Streamlining service workflows get easier with intelligent automation technology. Utilizing hyper automation can enhance service
efficiency drastically. 

Understand What’s Important For Your Business And Customers

Transforming customer journeys into strong, unified experiences across all touchpoints is imperative for brands to survive in a highly competitive marketplace. Remember that client servicing is integral to the brand journey and influences overall CX. Hence it comes under the ambit of ‘unified experiences.’

Lightning-fast replies to customer queries and round-the-clock support improve service quality and automatically bring you closer to your goal of ensuring your customers enjoy the best possible brand experience. Having a finger on your customer’s pulse becomes invaluable, as it helps keep your enterprise on course to deliver CX par excellence.

An intelligent and intuitive helpdesk software uses AI to check customers’ moods and satisfaction. When you use intelligent helpdesk software, it becomes effortless to recognize and automatically analyze essential key performance indicators (KPIs). 

The AI conducts customer sentiment analysis and graphically visualizes customer issues for easy understanding. The AI in the helpdesk software also detects urgency in customer cases and helps CX leaders identify and proactively resolve where problems arise in the customer journey. 

Empower your support team and exceed customer expectations with intelligent helpdesk software. It will assist you in attaining a whole new level of customer support excellence, such as:

  • Seamless case management for lightning-fast resolutions.
  • Intelligent automation to streamline workflows and boost efficiency.
  • Robust reporting and analytics for data-driven insights.
  • Case routing and priority settings for personalized support.
  • Knowledge base and a self-service portal for instant help.

A multichannel helpdesk — which spans internal teams and customer channels — can help organizations better collaborate, integrate customer data, improve real-time CX, and gain a competitive advantage.

With ThinkOwl, you can recognize where problems arise in the customer journey and react immediately with appropriate measures. Meet client expectations, ensure there is value in what you have to offer, and amaze your customers with stellar CX.

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