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360-Degree Visibility: Tracking Customer Behavior Across Touchpoints

Is your team grappling with meeting heightened customer expectations amidst resource constraints and mounting economic pressures? A common misconception in the customer support industry is that you have to choose between a great customer experience (CX) or satisfied employees (EX). But the truth is, you can do all that and more by tracking customer behavior across touchpoints. 


How To Design Workflows That Delight Agents And Customers Alike

In a time of continuously changing business conditions, organizations are under intense pressure to confront internal processes and ways of working that are not delivering expected results. Not just internal processes but external interactions with clients, partners, and supply chains are under the scanner as well. The focus is on optimizing the output of all business processes and agent activity.  


Why Workflow Automation Is Imperative For Your Business

Henry Ford had famously remarked that "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.