AI-Driven Customer Case Management With OwlDesk

In the relentless pursuit of delivering outstanding and memorable customer experiences (CX), effective customer case management acts as a catalyst, propelling your brand toward success. It is the initial step toward achieving seamless customer support, giving you full control over your business's growth.

Case management in customer support

Customer case management, also known as support ticket management, describes the entirety of your brand’s customer service process. From the moment customers initiate contact with your support team until they receive an expected resolution to their problems, everything comes under the ambit of customer case management

Ticket management is a meticulous process designed to efficiently handle customer service requests from start to finish. This dynamic process includes creating tasks, registering customer requests, categorizing cases, prioritizing issues, assigning requests to support agents, tracking progress, following up with customers, and ensuring every case reaches a satisfying resolution. 


Artificial Intelligence makes customer support easier 

Customer service can be demanding, and keeping up with the growing volume of tickets is tough. Case management software blends artificial intelligence and smart automation to provide a faster and easier ticket resolution process. Artificial intelligence analyzes all incoming customer support requests to identify trends, patterns, and recurring issues. It looks through past interactions to personalize the customer experience and ensure consistent, accurate service. 

AI-driven case management offers the following benefits to customer service representatives:

  • Automatically record service requests 
  • No copying or typing
  • No switching between applications on the screen
  • No manual post-processing

Let us take a closer look to understand the process better. 

Record service requests (customer tickets) automatically

Communication between customers and brands is important and insightful. That’s why it is imperative to review every customer message thoroughly. Service desk software automatically consolidates all contextually relevant information from customer messages into a case/process/ticket, and this is done across multiple communication channels such as email, chat, messenger app, social media, etc. The standout feature: You can effortlessly tailor the process recording yourself, actively contributing to customer satisfaction at every step.

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Case classification with AI

AI simplifies case classification by automatically categorizing customer queries, streamlining the case management process. It not only classifies incoming cases but also displays the performance of its classifications. Moreover, AI continuously learns from agents' handled cases, training the system to improve the automatic classification of new cases. AI-powered case management system facilitates case categorization by automatically intercepting the intents of customer inquiries without the need to browse ticket queues manually. 

Intelligent data extraction with AI

Service desk software uses AI to identify and extract case-relevant data from incoming customer messages, automatically initiating a new process in your service desk software every time customers send a new message. Support agents are not required to manually copy and type customer information in the service desk to process the ticket. The AI recognizes relevant specialist and personal data and, in most cases, automatically inserts it into the ticket fields.

Automatic case routing to agents

Customer success teams fulfill essential roles in your brand’s support functions. They respond to the customer's needs and provide competent assistance. AI tools, on the other hand, assist live agents in ensuring the accuracy and efficacy of resolutions. AI-powered case management feature auto-assigns cases to the right agent at the right time based on smart automation rules.

The AI determines how service and support requests are to be handled and by whom based on contemporary data and precedents set by past cases. In addition, cases can be reassigned to other agents based on customizable conditions. When a case rule is triggered, the AI notifies users, assigns follow-up tasks, and reassigns the cases for prompt action. 

Automating service processes

Automation in customer case management streamlines the handling of customer inquiries and issues by leveraging technology to perform repetitive tasks. With intelligent workflows, managing processes and responsibilities in customer service becomes effortless. You can even trigger actions within the system. No programming is required—simply define the tasks and rules for service processes. Post-processing of customer tickets becomes easy with automation.

OwlDesk’s ticket management feature offers support teams the highest degree of automation in their customer service duties, allowing users to deploy automated workflows in the ticket resolution process and access a task dashboard for monitoring and managing case activities. The easy-to-use case view interface eliminates the need for multiple systems. Service teams are presented with a holistic perspective of the customer without chaos or confusion.

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Bonus feature: Guided Mode

To resolve customer issues in a quick and orderly manner, and to ensure that no cases are missed out, intelligent Guided Mode is your best option. With the guided mode feature, cases are automatically assigned to agents one after the other, ensuring no cases are missed by mistake. Agents do not manually pick the next case to work on. Instead, the next case is pushed to the user based on customizable parameters like case priority, due date, creation date and time, escalation level, etc. 

The feature gives agent supervisors a dedicated view of cases and allows them to see which agent is working on which case. Using the Guided Mode, agents automatically get access to cases one after the other without continuously navigating the inbox.  When the agent clicks on the Guide Mode button, OwlDesk automatically opens the case view with the most relevant case for the agent to work on. After completing that case, the next one automatically appears. 

Managing valuable client data from customer cases

Support tickets and service requests contain a wealth of data that, if leveraged correctly, empowers support teams to deliver the right solutions to customers in the shortest time. Please note that this is being done to ensure multi-layered data security.

The types of data readily found in customer tickets are: information relating to a project or transaction, data of products/services availed, correspondence details between customers and businesses, channels used for communication, summary of activities, agents’ notes, and status reports detailing the progress made in the customer’s case.

Ticket management's objective is to meaningfully arrange data to be easily accessible to other business teams. Data is stored in centralized storage for case-related information, simplifying access and sharing for multiple users across the organization. By analyzing this data, teams can identify patterns, anticipate issues, and provide timely, accurate responses, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Customer case management software is your go-to tool

AI-powered case management software ensures customer issues are addressed promptly and effectively, improving their overall satisfaction. Additionally, it offers analytics and insights to help organizations identify trends, optimize processes, and enhance the quality of their customer service.

Support ticket management helps brands elevate the quality of customer service by allowing them to:

  • Streamline the customer service process
  • Keep track of all service and support requests and adhere to SLAs
  • Enable seamless communication between customers and service representatives
  • Improve workflows and enable collaboration among various support teams
  • Track progress and provide accurate updates to clients
  • Increase your support teams’ overall productivity and efficiency

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