Bye Paper, Hello Future: Customer Service with fileee Conversations

Floods of paper and high costs, a lot of manual work, and many media breaks: this is how the routine processes of most companies look in times of digital change. This hampers team productivity and makes customers lose their patience.

Let us now get into the customer communication of the 21st century. Together with our colleagues from fileee, we have created an intelligent and customer-centered solution that changes the way you communicate with customers.

Completely digital and based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl is like an intelligent application that scans, analyzes, and automatically organizes your documents. You can access your documents from anywhere and at any time using fileee. Also, like a personal assistant, it can remind you of your upcoming deadlines.

After a lot of development and first success stories, we are happy to announce the official go of our collaboration with fileee.

The unpleasant reality

Quick answers, mobile-optimized offers, simple applications, and transparent processes are what customers want from (digital) communication with companies.

But often it works differently: Many processes are still carried out by mail - mostly for reasons of data protection.

When it comes to digital, far too many processes in customer and employee communication are cumbersome. Customers experience interruptions on their "customer journey."

Digital Solutions - more being than appearance

Of course, many companies have had customer portals, customer apps, chats, etc. for years.

Unfortunately, very few of these digital processes are geared to customers' needs, though they still increase the company's efficiency.

For instance, still for some of the PDF forms: As customers, we often have to download, print, fill in, scan, and send them back.

Periodically, employees manually transfer the relevant data from the form to the system.

This shows: many digital processes do no more than copy analog processes and digitize individual steps.

A better way

The collaboration between ThinkOwl and fileee shows how both sides – you and your customers, can benefit from digital applications.

ThinkOwl offers companies an artificial intelligence-based service desk for multichannel customer service.

The fileee app, being a digital assistant, takes over the management of your customers' paperwork.

With the seamless integration between ThinkOwl and fileee conversations, companies can digitize and automate numerous customer service processes.

Companies also communicate via a central platform, placing their customers in the focus of every interaction.

Thus, your customers benefit, not only from this increased attention but also because they can handle numerous communication processes like validating documents, submitting invoices, etc. digitally via the fileee app.

fileee conversations - Digital fileee

Conversations thus enable a new way of digital communication between customers, employees, and companies.

A modern system that supports companies in designing conversations with customers and employees. Plus, in the shortest possible time, digitizes processes individually – the customer-oriented way.

Anywhere, anytime - send and receive documents

One of these functions is sending and receiving documents digitally. You can communicate with your customers using mobile-optimized forms with a signature.

The high added value for customers is that they can access their data anywhere and anytime through their devices, thereby ending the flood of paper and annoying media breaks.

The artificial intelligence of ThinkOwl analyzes incoming messages, assigns them to the right customer processes, and sends them to the right people in the company.

ThinkOwl also suggests your support team with suitable answers and adds relevant data and information to customer case forms.

For every use case at the user interface

Thanks to the modular approach of fileee Conversations, every use case can be digitally mapped in every industry.

Let's consider three essential use cases with our customers:

1. Smart Format - intelligent forms for customers and companies

Tax returns, sick leave reports, loan application forms, online orders: filling out forms is part of our everyday life. It takes time, especially since some types are too long enough to fill out several fields many times.

Unfortunately, the PDF forms do not make the situation any better. How often do we have to print them out, fill them in, and scan them again?

It's not easier on the company side: employees usually transfer the data manually.

The mobile and intelligent forms from fileee Conversations create an alternative: the so-called Smart Forms automatically draw relevant data from existing documents with the AI from ThinkOwl.

Customers only have to enter the information to feed the AI. It then self-learns by doing and validates the input automatically, the next time—goodbye mistakes.

Digital identification and signature function create a holistic digital and mobile-optimized process, in which data encryption and storage on local servers is done.

Here's a video depicting the change in bank details. The intelligent integration of the fileee app (customers) with ThinkOwl (employees) is visible here.

2. Safe, sustainable, inexpensive: the e-mailbox

Customers receive hundreds of letters every year, which they have to sift through, sort, and file.

Filing is not only a time-consuming process, but folders full of filed documents usually also occupy numerous rows of shelves.

Mail delivery for companies is similarly long and expensive. But there is another way. With the e-postbox from fileee Conversations, you can send letters to your customers in seconds.

Shipping is legally secure - you can use it to send your customers confidential and sensitive documents that you are not allowed to send by email.

Thanks to artificial intelligence from ThinkOwl, the fileee app offers its customers an automated document filing system. The annoying sorting of documents is eliminated.

The advantages at a glance:

  • High user rates
  • Better data protection
  • No more postage costs: companies save up to 81 percent on costs
  • Sustainability in the company increases significantly.

You can check out the complete use case for the e-mailbox here.

3. Digital HR service

Whether it's travel expense reports, salary statements, or sick leave forms: In the HR departments, every process is not entirely digital. Employees submit receipts, receipts, and sick reports in paper form. HR departments send payslips and contracts by post. Not only is time wasted, many receipts accidentally end up in the paper bin. With the digital HR service platform from fileee Conversations powered by ThinkOwl, employees can scan invoices, sick reports, and many other receipts by smartphone. The AI from ThinkOwl analyzes the data and automatically fills in the appropriate forms. With just a little more than a click, it transfers the data securely to HR's digital system.

Want to know more about HR services? Read more.

Happy Customers:

"With the ePostfach, we put our customers in the center and inspire them with a digital solution. The project is a great success and has paid off for us in several ways.
We learned a lot together and now look forward to further collaboration in digitization with fileee conversations.”

Sebastian Marski, Head of Digital Technology Sales, VGH Insurance.

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