How To Positively Impact Your Customers? Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Ace Customer Experience

A good first impression makes a lasting impression. But what does it take to impact your customers positively? An impact that lasts long and is greatly appreciated by your clients. What do impacting customers have in common with CX and your company’s performance? Let’s find out.

If you are a business owner, one time-tested way to ensure your enterprise remains profitable is by creating sources of recurring revenue. The only way to generate recurring revenue is to create a recurring impact. A positive impact.

The bar is raised in terms of what brands must do to deliver value, and the consumer isn’t willing to change their perception of value in products and services. The challenge for many entrepreneurs is to figure out how to deliver on that. The bar is higher, and it costs more to do business. In such a scenario, investing in your clients is the simplest thing to do.

Brands that are making bold moves in strengthening their offering—for people looking to save money and those who want to pay more for premium-quality, sustainable, healthy products—will come out much stronger. Albeit, this is easier said than done.

Then, how to go about it? We have mentioned everything you need to know about how to create a value-driven impact on your customer in this blog. But, before we proceed, we need to refine our mindset about customer journeys. Your strategy to positively impact your customers will closely resemble how you map your customer journeys.

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The difference, however, lies in how you see the entire process. Instead of talking about a “customer journey” or “sales funnel,” you should talk about the “Impact Journey” of your clients.

Breaking down the impact process

The importance of impacting customers throughout their journey is felt through the customer’s overall experience of associating with your brand—positive impact results in better CX.

Here’s how you can go about the impacting process.



Let’s go through each step of the impacting procedure in detail.

Creating the ideal customer profile

Customer profiles (or buyer personas) are designed to help you understand who your ideal customers are. Then, you can create marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, and brand communication that address customers’ challenges and needs and attract them to your business.

Creating customer profiles ensures your resources (effort, monetary resource, time) to attract customers are not wasted on demographics not aligned with your brand.

Gain valuable insights during the customer discovery call

Your discovery call with a prospective client should be insightful. By the end of the call, you should be able to understand your client’s problems and how they intend to solve them. First, you have to figure out not just what the problem is but also how the client wants to solve the problem.

Next, you decide/gauge/measure the impact you may have on a client’s business. Finally, be curious and ask questions. If your offerings are aligned with your client’s needs, it’s safe to assume that the customer discovery process is a success.

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Create a magnetic impression during the concept/product demonstration

When it comes to doing business and making a pitch to clients, you can’t leave everything to the customer’s imagination. You demonstrate the impact your brand has on your client’s business. Even if it is hypothetical. Your customers need to see proof of how their business will be impacted.

Whether in a one-on-one product demonstration or participating in a technology fair/conclave, you must create a magnetic impression. Do you know the secret to drawing potential clients out of a pool and successfully converting them into your sales funnel? The answer is interactivity. Meaningful conversations and interactive demonstration sessions are essential to successful customer conversions.

Create a detailed working proposal

A working proposal is like an aide memoir for both businesses and customers. When you receive an expression of interest from your client, how do you intend to receive the potential client, and how will you be able to solve the customer’s problem — these are critical questions that need answering.

Because of the pandemic, many consumers had to try new stuff and new brands, and they figured out, “Hey, they’re not so bad.” So, the ability and the willingness to try new stuff has disproportionately grown in the past few years.

Your brand stands to gain a lot from customers’ shifting loyalties. If you are forthcoming about your plans and are inclined to help the customer rather than make money out of them — rest assured your client will be more than willing to do business with you. You are submitting a working proposal to your client. Outline how you will collaborate to unlock the impact potential you have identified.

Create a customer-centric sales contract

A sales-centric organization focuses exclusively on two objectives: meeting sales numbers and increasing market share. These two objectives take priority over anything and everything. As a result, most entrepreneurs are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve them.

A customer-centric organization is not the opposite of a sales-centric one. A customer-centric firm also focuses on meeting sales numbers and increasing market share. However, it places the customer’s needs before its business objectives.

Customer-centric selling elevates your customer and empathizes with their needs in every stage of the sales process. Draft contracts that foresee difficult times and make arrangements for a safety net if the needs arise. A contract is a mutual commitment to create value together and work towards creating a positive impact. Proceed accordingly.

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Make your customer’s onboarding a memorable experience

Please take a deep dive into your customer’s business process to understand its nitty-gritty. Only then will you be able to answer what, how, and when you will be able to deliver a positive impact that genuinely transforms businesses for the better. When you know how your client functions, it’ll be easier for you to create an onboarding process that aligns with your client’s taste and impresses them from the word go.

Review how well you have impacted your customers

When we say review your customer’s journey, we are not asking you only to collect your client’s feedback and work on them. We ask you to review your client’s journey — from potential customers to present subscribers. How well you perform is best decided by customers, but an inside-out view can be beneficial for self-assessment. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and see the experience you provide. Are you able to live up to your promise to clients? Yes? Great, you are well on your way to impacting your clients positively.

Aim to create a value-driven impact

You impact your customer’s business not just with your products and services but also with value. When you create a friendly business environment with minimum policy barriers and adhere to your SLAs (service level agreements), your brand has a value-driven positive impact on your client. You aim to repeat such experiences for your clients over and over again.

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