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Hyperautomation: The New Way To Streamline And Automate Customer Service Workflows

Every organization, be it legacy business houses, modern enterprises, multinational corporations, local retailers, or small commerce within a neighborhood - everybody dreams of becoming a customer success champion and providing value to clients. Ensuring value for consumers can be a lofty goal for enterprises, but with a little help from modern technology, the goal can be easily attained.


From Automation To Hyperautomation — The Helpdesk Revolution Is Underway

Helpdesk automation systems have a fantastic ability to accelerate the ticketing process. Not only does helpdesk automation provide quick clarifications to customer queries, but also facilitates handling complex issues that can otherwise be difficult to complete manually. 


ThinkOwl CX Playbook – Your Ultimate Guide To Customer Success

Customer Experience (CX) is the mainstay of all businesses. Businesses and customers thrive in a good CX environment. If you want to know how, then you have come to the right place. So let's explore what good CX is and what the requisite tools are to improve CX.


7 Tips To Optimize Your Customer Onboarding Plan

For many businesses, especially those that generate revenue through subscriptions, customer onboarding is a task they pay a lot of attention to. This process is gaining popularity and importance on par with customer experience (CX). It is a critical step in the customer journey and a key element in making your customer’s experience value-driven and delightful. In this blog, we will see how to optimize your customer onboarding and make it a memorable experience for your clients.


Why Businesses Prefer Cloud-Based Helpdesk Software for Customer Service

What makes cloud-based helpdesk software ideal for businesses of all sizes? How does cloud-based helpdesk software provide businesses security, operational flexibility, and the most cost-effective approach to growing their customer experience (CX) capabilities? Let’s find out in this article.


Why Customer Satisfaction Scores Are Crucial To Boost Sales And Marketing

Customer service can be incredibly complex and stressful. Giving customers the best possible support experience entails knowing what customers want. Measuring pan-organizational performance and customer satisfaction metrics pave the way for you to deliver what’s best for your customers. This behavior is common to all types of organizations that have their customers' benefits at heart. How can organizations achieve this feat? Through support-driven growth.


Agent Experience Matters — Here's Why You Should Pay Attention To It

Companies exert a great deal of effort to deliver the best possible experience to customers. The idea is to create or provide an environment where customers feel at home, where they are pulled by the brand with pleasing thoughts, or where they are made to feel special. Happy customers mean more business, that's the thought.


Power Of Artificial Intelligence — Transforming Customer Service At Scale

Predicting the future is no longer considered out of the world, or automating mission-critical tasks does not appear like magic. The new-age boom called Artificial Intelligence (AI) is doing wonders by executing the functions and helping businesses engage with customers better.

The power of artificial intelligence is such, that service managers are now forced to implement this futuristic technology to drive sustainable and exponential growth.  This is because, at every stage of the customer journey, AI helps deliver stellar customer experiences.


8 Tips To Make Your Customer Service Process Economically Efficient Without Compromising On Quality

Customer service is the lifeline of most businesses worldwide. It also plays a vital role in engaging and retaining customers. Contact centers are so important that many customers have stopped doing business with brands that have been found wanting in their customer interactions.

Every company is under immense pressure to reduce expenditures and increase savings. Providing customers with service and resolving their issues is a business necessity, but it does not make the process a cakewalk or inexpensive.

"Cut costs while improving customer experience" has become an organization's survival mantra. But how is that possible?